A fateful day

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Jason loved is family so much. He dotted on his little sister Mia. He was happy in this time of his life. Then a tragic day changed it all.

Submitted: January 15, 2012

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Submitted: January 15, 2012






(Hey guys :) this is  my very first stroy that i wrote, and i wrote it in english class for one of my tasks. im sorry its not very good and please give me some tips ;D but be nice please)


A fateful day.

Before the accident I remember being excited for a trip. I remember my parents, little sister and I getting into the car and heading off. After that all I remember is waking up here, in this hospital bed feeling afraid and unsure, surrounded by drips, fluids and medicine. Everything is all so sterile and clean. They play a song on the radio that I remember hearing in the car and I drift off into a trance about the day of the crash.


I was playing a Dora game with my five year old sister Mia, on my PSP. I remember her giggling as I was mocking the voices, and feeling a warm atmosphere in the car. I remember my parents holding hands, they were married for 10 years but acted like teenagers in love some days and I remember myself thinking I hope when I find the right one to be as happy as my parents are. It started pouring down with rain and dad attempted to flick the lights on and finally got it on after a few tries because our car was so old. My little sister was afraid of rain so she moved to the middle seat and cuddled into my basketball jumper. All I know is that I wanted to cherish this moment forever. My hand engulfed hers as she took hold of it. I remember her falling asleep.


Then it happened. A big truck behind us filled with logs tried to overtake and the truck started fish tailing and swerving. The drivers back carriage swung around and was about to hit our car and dad tried to swerve out of the way. He didn’t see the tree, in fact none of us had. We hit it with such force that Mum went flying through the windshield because her seatbelt broke. Mum was flung into the tree and became unconscious. Dad’s seatbelt also broke and he went flying onto a metal fence and impaled himself. I didn’t notice that my sister wasn’t wearing her seatbelt and she got flung around like a rag doll. I remember hearing a breaking sound and seeing her in an abnormal position lying across the driver’s seat lifeless. I was terrified and tried to help her but I remember feeling an intense amount of pain coming from my legs and left arm. I remember seeing a lot of blood coming out of my head and face. I started to black out but could distinctly hear the wail of the ambulance and fire engine, I remember thanking the person who phoned 000 just before passing out.


I then woke up here and seeing my girlfriend sitting in a chair holding my hand, with a terrible look on her face. I knew that I was the only one to survive but I looked around the room from face to face to confirm that this wasn’t true but each face looked just as bad as the other. I burst into tears and I remember my Aunt Deb just sat on the bed and held me in her arms. I heard the doctors talking to my uncle saying that “Jason was very lucky to still be alive”.


All I can do now as I lie here motionless is think about my family looking down on me, telling me to stop moping around and get on with my life. So I shall, ill complete my university degree and become a doctor. But I will always feel guilty that I got to live my life to the full and my little sister didn’t. 


If only we didn’t go out that fateful day.




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