Zin's nightmare

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Zin has dreams that can come true read to find out

Submitted: February 05, 2010

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Submitted: February 05, 2010



Zin's dream part one out of 5

A little chibi named Zin was in bed after her uncle had put her to bed. She layed in bed until her dreams came over her but little did she know that she was going to have a bad dream. She was asleep as soon as her uncle turned the light off. 

The dream started off like anyother dream she had nice and calm until the sky went black while she was runing and playing with animals of the forset. She looked around and seen that the animals where gone, and that they sky started to rain and she was sraced and started to run to find a place to hind, and wait for the sun to come back out.

She then walked to a cave and hind in it and herd someone talking so she followed it and seen a man about in his early 20's with a clok. With a group of people and that they where waering the same thing and had a book that looked like it a gezzon pages long. She looked at them carefully and watched as they said funnyn prazes from the books and she laughed at them.

They stop as they herd he laugh she croved her mouth and waited for them to go back to what they where doing, and thus they did for a while until one gay said. "I thonk we have spy" Then another guy looked around and seen her.

what will happened next give ideas for this plz thanks and cheak my other storyies on here and coummet and rate them plz and thanks

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