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Angry, questioning religion and mankind poetry

Submitted: October 09, 2012

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Submitted: October 09, 2012




Look around and tell me what you see, gaze up to the skies and above tell me all that you truly love

Look at the rivers snake and dance, hills and pastures of green, tell me now why your God can not be seen

Gods world is yours, God gave it all for free, but man and his  lust for power will not be content until he has felled every tree

Gods rain washing mans dirt from the skies, cleaning the air so man may breath to tell more lies

When man has raped and stolen all of Gods world where will God be, he cannot be there in our polluted rivers or our radioactive sea

We will not be able to see him in the skies, carbon emissions blotting the Sun, acid rain stinging our eyes

Is God letting this happen, is he spreading himself to thin, dealing with mans never ending sin

Does God have time for our prayers, does he really know who we are all seven billion of us, how can he show us he cares

The hills are scattered with churches, the towns and the cities too, all built to show our never ending worship of you

So how can it be that the world is in such a mess, how can this death and destruction be a test

You would not blame the sheep if they were eaten by wolves, why then does our Lord let us act like fool’s

It is not true, God is not everywhere, he cannot be, until everyone opens their hearts to lets him in and truly see

With God in your heart it is plain to see it is from within that good overcomes evil to eventually win

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