Lelly Isle

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A marooned fisherman finds an exotic, erotic, and grand isle, as well as a bare maiden, which leads him onto a short-lived adventure.....

Submitted: June 23, 2010

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Submitted: June 23, 2010



Lelly Isle


It's hopeless.


I'm not shown it.


Something I need to fill.

- Leskull Lelly, 1919


All aboard! There is no doubt,

Not a worry, not even a pout!

We'll be sailing to heaven,

In a week, until day seven,

Until we've reached the point,

Where maidens rub oint,

Upon our shoulders, and our backs,

As we sit upon the isle, and relax.

The Isle of Lelly, a true paradise,

Nothing bad, nothing vice,

Just true true paradise,

Amongst men and amongst mice,

You'll find no other than,

Nothing better, here's how it began,

But first let me tell,

Of its dark and magical spell.

In 1920, not a day or night late,

Leskull Lelly, laid out his bait,

A fisherman was he, quite skilled indeed,

His ship caught on, to a patch of seaweed,

He prayed in fear, day and night,

Not a boat nor person in sight,

So finally he gave up, a folly was he,

And thus he jumped into the almighty sea.

As he float helpless and all,

He heard a seagull's call,

Land, to it the bird flew,

And that is when, Lelly knew,

This was the place, this was his chance,

His life was saved, he began to dance,

Leskull Lelly found a great shore,

His heart beat aloud from his bodily core.

Lesksull Lelly had found an isle,

That no one knew, not within a hundred mile,

So Lelly swam up to the beautiful beach,

And lo behold, what his hand brought from reach,

A bare maiden, in the sea so blue,

Lelly couldn't believe, that this was true,

A dream it was, it just couldn't be,

That he grasped a bare maiden, in the deep blue sea!

As he gazed into her eyes,

Her breath let out sighs,

And pulled him closer onto shore,

For upon the isle, there were many more,

All the many, who wanted him,

And finally drew him, as the sun grew dim,

Took him to their palace of grand grandeur,

Here, if he was lucky, he'd have “fun” for sure,

Oh the Isle of Lelly, what peculiar place,

This is where it ends; the wild goose chase,

For gold and riches, for silver and glory,

Tell of this tale, such an amazing story,

Sure to earn you money, sure to earn you fame,

But this is the poison, which will come from your gain,

The most wretched of diseases, the most despised of all,

Come across Lelly Isle, you will surely praise yourself among all.

Selfishness, anger, deceit, and pride,

All come with a Lelly-stride,

Onward, to Lelly Isle, the beginning of the end,

More and more time, will it cause you to spend,

Thinking of your riches, thinking of your glory,

You will no doubt too, have an ending far too gory,

To be recalled across the land, except for a certain one,

I am the one, and this story has just begun.


Lelly's first day on this paradise,

Brought about maidens, carrying rice,

Still bare and pure, like an angel from afar,

Some with rice, others with a water jar,

Never he knew, that angels worked so hard,

While the only thing he'd carried had been pig lard,

Up and down, from the house and back,

He'd only recalled one time, in which his jar cracked.

But now, a maiden, so swiftly did she,

Trip upon a rock, and hit her knee,

Upon the ground, so sandy and warm,

Laid prostrate, in such enticing form,

Lelly could not keep, as he sped to help,

The maiden who fell, and let out a yelp,

She yelped alright, but not just that one time,

But as Lelly held her, and trickled her with lime,

He had gone too far, taken her to his chamber,

Where him and the maiden were not any tamer,

Crept to the window, drew down the shades,

And said, “Look! As the sun fades and fades.

Let us be jubilant then rest, for time is short.

Tomorrow I must get back to home port.”

Saddened looked she, the fairest of all the isle-maid,

She said, “We'll talk after our jubilee is laid.”

The morning came, and the swallows followed,

Harping their song as the inhabitants swallowed,

Food, of exotic tastes, tons and tons, more than a feast,

Rarely did this happen, only special occasions at least,

For Lelly was setting sail, high winds towards home port,

There he would tell, of the maiden he did consort,

And all the other things, which he found most neat,

But later he would find, that this would get him beat.


High winds blew the sail, onwards to his land,

There, he had no beaches, no rich food, no sand,

Only buildings, and factories, and smog, and theft,

Soon he wished back, to the isle he had left,

Yelled off the port bow, “Onward to sea!

We must get back that maiden for me!

Upwards and downwards, sail to this isle,

For there I find peace, and nothing is vile!”

Lelly came upon a hefty storm,

From his ship, three men were torn,

A grievance, a loss, a grave peril indeed,

But onwards he continued to faithfully lead,

He knew he would get there, there was nothing to fear,

Except the dark ship, which approached him from the rear,

Rallying on, masts ablaze, it brought worry to Lelly's mind,

He said, “Is this what is to happen to us sailor kind?”

He watched and watched as the enemy grew near,

Emilio!” He called, “Thrust forward your spear!”,

Emilio did so, and injured the ship's side,

Do this twice more, with gallop in your stride!”

The orders were followed, the tasks carried out,

Emilio was tired, there was not a doubt,

Yet Lelly pressed on, pressured him to,

Destroy the sails, and split the masts straight through.

I've thrown thirty-six, on my thirty-seventh.

I've followed all the orders that you've commandeth.

You're pushing me too hard, it's way too much,

If I throw one more, I'll loose my defending-touch!”

Leskull Lelly ignored this folly, “Give me that!”

He lunged it forward and skinned a cat,

The captain's, to be exact, how upset was he,

Cut off his hand, and plunged into the sea!

The enemy-men were all the more confused,

Was that the hand that the captain used?”

Asked one of the mates, as he stared at the limb,

The sight of the flesh nearly sickened him,

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

The pirates stood there, poised and dumb,

Then Leskull Lelly launched a surprise attack,

In order for him, to get his maiden back.

Argh!” and “Ya!” shouted his men,

As they ravaged through the lions' den,

Stab stab slash, metal and gore,

And off the starboard, he saw the shore,

Where the bare maidens liked to sing and leap,

And his fair lady, swam in the ocean deep,

Saddened, depressed, and utter grief,

She then saw him, on the magnificent reef.

The joy, the tears, the happiness ensued,

Brought this bare maiden into a giddy mood,

Swam towards the ship, the maiden did so,

And all the men let out a great “Whoa.”

As they saw her pure and heavenly skin,

She was surely a grand prize to win!

But then stepped forward Lelly, quickly groomed,

And at the sight of him, her figure swooned.

Staring at her beauty, he yelled at his men,

Go to your positions, get this vessel moving again!”

He picked her up, cradled her in his arm,

It was then that their love, ignited like a charm.

Took her back to his quarters, care for her he did,

Until the sun stood high, and the quarter's door slid,

Out into the open, the two walked about,

Passed on the crew, and received Stevie Stout,

Captain! Sir! Land we've hit!

No lie, captain, I think I saw a fire-spit!”

Well onward press! This is the place!

This is the end, of our wild goose-chase!”

The crew pressed on, the ship as well,

Pulled him aside, the maiden had something to tell,

In secret, she confided,

What the maidens decided,

That whoever set foot upon the isle and sing,

Would be declared as the new Isle King!

Lelly heard this, and listened intently,

He wanted to be king, it was so evidently.

Their ship dropped anchor, out sailed the boats,

See, did they, ladies carrying rice and oats,

Naked were they, far as the eye could see,

The sailors were overcome with lustful stupidity!

They hopped out of the boats, and swam in the ocean,

To brush up a maid, and stir up some emotion,

Stripped of their garments, with the maidens they danced,

And onwards to the palace, the happy couples pranced.


Lelly and his lady, walked slowly to a hut,

Coated in palms and oils, it reeked of coconut,

This isle was truly his paradise,

Who would this isle not entice?

Lay before them, a bed of swan feather,

Ivory bedposts, and garments of leather,

What is this?” Leskull wondered,

This is for us, since the palace is plundered.”

Leskull looked at his lady in the setting sun,

Her skin had gone from pure to dun,

Still, remarkable and irresistible was she,

Even if she clumsily fell, and hit her knee.

Leskull wanted her, more than he ever had,

His heart beat fast, he thought he'd gone mad!

Touched her shoulder, her skin was ablaze,

And this single motion, made their love rapidly raise.

The climax had come and gone, his maiden was at rest,

Tired, yet jubilant, peaceful, yet alert; it was the best,

Neither of them had ever felt this good,

This is the way that life be should,”

Spoke Lelly to his lady, in a whisper so soft,

Tonight you've had me, my spirit aloft,

Nothing more could I ask for, except one last thing.

Come back with me to home port, and slip on a ring.”

The expression on her face, was none to forget,

Let me pack my things, get ready, and I'm set,

To leave for home port, and live with my king,

I'll raise children, I'll cook, and I'll even sing!”

Lelly was joyous at what his lady had said,

Tomorrow will be long, let's be off to bed!”

The two agreed, and the two slept,

And the next morn, their promise had kept.

The two were the happiest you'd see for miles,

The most happy on all the isles,

Of the ocean, of the world, of the universe and all,

Everyone could see that love was their call,

The isle wished them luck, the women and crew,

But sadly there was something, that none of them knew:

Lelly and his lady had left the great isle,

Robbed them of their treasure, as they slept for a while.


When they had found this out, there was discontent indeed,

So great, so sad, what a terrible and awful deed,

We'll die!” We'll starve!” “We'll go mad!”,

Let us go get those two, and avenge their bad!”

So the inhabitants of the isle constructed a fleet,

That they'd sail to home port, and defeat foes they'd meet,

With a hash, a slash, and a mighty smash! We'll bring them down!

We'll set flame to the countryside, and burn Lelly's town!”

Lelly and his lady sailed onward to the port,

It was there they'd set up fort,

To remain and love, to live long and prosper,

To feast each night, on scallops and lobster.

They'd set up an industry, to market their goods,

From exotic perfumes to strangely looking woods,

From pearls and jewels, to flamboyant dragonflies,

Now they'll believe me, now they will see, that these are certainly not lies!”


The fleet of anger, the armada of death, forward they sailed,

The men yelled, the women wailed,

Lelly did not know what havoc he had wreaked,

And now, to pay, his soul would be streaked,

With an irrevocable chant, his soul would bear a mark,

And for the rest of eternity, he would be obliged to walk in the dark,

The shadows, the evil, the fear, the vile,

His sentence would surely bring about true guile,

The ships spent days, in the sun and moon,

Looking for port, to tear apart that loon,

Who calls himself Lelly. Leskull Lelly,

He would soon be in the devil's belly,

Be feasted upon by demons of all sorts,

Mumps, small pox, polio, and warts,

Disease, discontent, disrespect, and disdain,

All the elements of absolute pain.

The men and the women planned to enforce these,

Make him pay for what happened, with most displease,

After days and days of sailing, they finally found,

An island, a land, with a flag in a mound,

That's it! That's the island! That's where the bastard lies!”

Then suddenly, darkness fell upon all the skies,

A storm rolled through, a hurricane from hell,

Then they knew, He was on their side as well.


Lelly and his lady, Leandra was now her name,

Quickly were wed, and he took his dame,

His bride, his wife, his spouse, his love,

He praise her on the high tops of the buildings above,

They sold some of their treasure, and made a hefty profit,

He began to tickle her, and she yelled, “Stop it!”

Smiled and giggled, she ran off to the carriage,

For that is how they planned, to celebrate their marriage.

Off to a manor, not far from the docks,

Near the edge of the water, round the rocks,

This was their house, their mansion, their abode,

And up the path, their carriage rode,

Opened the door, Lelly did, opened it with such grace,

He began to dance and to prance, from his prior pace,

He looked upon his starling new bride,

And said “I can't believe I met you in a tide.”

She smiled and gleaned with such anticipation,

The two fled off, their unity took escalation,

To the utmost and highest room, it smelled like the shore,

It was the hut they had been in before!

Lelly had moved their hut into this room,

As would any proud and joyous groom,

So they could enjoy a home away from home,

And not worry about the wind, blowing over their dome.

After they had laid a most joyous jubilee,

He called the town together to see,

What a great bride and fortune he had,

The townspeople looked so very glad!

They all loved to see those who were happy,

Since most of the townspeople were downright snappy,

As he drew the town together into a rather large crowd,

He spoke from the rooftop, his voice was clear and aloud.

Let it be known that on this day, I've taken Leandra as my bride!”

The crowd startled, cheered, and clapped, igniting the gray skies outside!

Let it also be known that I have found an isle! Lelly isle!”

Then the faces of the crowd looked puzzled, in an array of style,

Let it be known that I have found true paradise! See the treasures I have brought, my friends!”

As he went on to explain his statement, some said, “What are these words his foolish voice sends?”

He then noticed that none were listening, no longer, as it had been before,

He now wished, to be back on that peaceful shore.


Off the coast, the fleet of discontent charted a new plan,

In the skies we heard the foolish voice of a man,”

Explained one of the sailors as he held his hand to his ear,

Lelly is close to us, just around the bend, he is near.”

The crew cheered and jeered and congratulated each other,

It was almost as if everyone, even the women, had began to smother,

In a large crowd of joy, for their mission was done,

And far in the west, the sky began to set the glorious sun.


Lelly gave up, he hadn't a clue what came over the people,

He saw some go home, others to work, still more to the steeple,

He took his bride back to their room, and both looked sad,

What? What has gotten into them? Do they still think I am mad?”

His wife remained silent, for this seemed the best cure,

If she let him get out his upset, he'll be fine, she was sure!

But he did not get any better, just worse, and worse,

She then quickly called for the household nurse.

The nurse got there as fast as she could,

This isn't the way life be should!”

The nurse implied the question of 'What's wrong?'

But only received a worrisome song:

Nurse, let me tell you of my story,

And let me warn you, it gets quite gory.

I cannot change what has happened in the past,

Though I wish I could, and I would, ever-so fast.”

In the years past, I have been an evil man,

Divulged great secrets, carried out many a-plan,

Suffering and devastation, was all I brought about,

Upon all their faces, either death or doubt,

Sadness and grief, deluge of great stress,

My mind was worrisome, my life a heaping mess,

So then I gave up, and became a man of fish,

It was a hobby, a job, put a meal on a dish.

But lo and behold, there was a shipwreck indeed,

Which brought me to the isle, fast at godspeed,

The Isle of Lelly, as I've come to call it,

Filled my heart, my soul, and especially my wallet,

I found upon it, a beautiful maiden, amongst a hundred nude,

But in my haste, my mentality proved prude,

I chose the perfect one, my ultimate love,

I now love her and praise her, to the Highest above!

And that is my life, my strife, my story,

Not at all descriptively gory,

But if you knew my past quite deep,

Down the cliff, your jump would be steep!

Trust me on this, dare you to know,

You'll be sleeping in the depths of limbo!

I am a man who wishes to forget, yet remember the good,

And that is the way, that life be should!”

The nurse looked puzzled, his wife gave a face,

If I had known that this was the case,”

Said the nurse to Leandra, excited was she,

I would've prescribed he'd be sunk at sea!”

Leandra looked up, straight at the nurse's eye,

What's gotten into you? Your head's in the sky!”

Leandra stared down the nurse, and yelled in rage,

Get out! Damn you! You've lost your wage!”

The nurse heeded, but hissed at his bride,

Then from afar, they heard the crashing tide,

Such was the noise that rang out from sea,

It was the fleet from the isle, sailing gallantly,

Still full of discontent, their goal was quite plain,

Down with the robbers, Lelly was to be slain,

And his wife, no doubt, would have been done the same,

For it was both of them, who were to blame.

The storm continued onwards, to the manor they stayed,

The winds pressed on, the ships swayed and swayed,

Then one of the sailors raised up his voice,

Let us avenge this man! It was his selfish choice,

Which has caused this wrath, to be brought upon him!

Let him dance now, for his life is about to whim!

We shall do unto him, as he has done onto us!

Take his treasure, his wife, and his life we must!”

Crazy were they, of the isle fleet,

Itching were they, to give Lelly a beat,

Lelly and Leandra heard a sound in the distance,

No doubt, the nurse had assistance,

A flood of ships approaching his manor,

Screaming and yelling in such barbaric manner,

Down with you Lelly! Off with your head!

You stole our treasures after we laid down to bed!”

Lelly and his bride, exchanged frightened looks,

Is it possible that they've charged us as crooks?”

Leandra looked left and right,

But there was no help in sight,

They could never hold back such a large force,

Now they started to feel, true true remorse,

We're sorry!” they cried, but it did not help,

The crew sought out, to hear them both yelp.

To make them yelp, to kill them for sure,

And now at every glance, there appeared more and more,

The two couldn't take it, they had it and all,

They figured a way out, to forget it and stall,

Onwards they scurried, to their dream hut,

Where dreams became real, and reeked of coconut,

They moved on to the fluffy swan-bed,

And did what they done, that day they were wed.


The crew of the fleet, had a dastardly plan,

Let us set fire to the manor, of this filthy man!”

They soaked the home, in cool kerosine,

And their faces, as it lit, let out an astonishing glean,

Almost as if they were happy, to see this man's end,

Sadistic were they, which was a trouble hard to mend,

The manor went up in flames, all hope was lost,

See how much having pride can cost?

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