Black for Him Chapter 1 Get Maried To Who?

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Kel Black is the type of girl that is popular with everyone she meets but that isnt the case when she meets torry elrik her new fiancee and they don't get along at all but they graguly foll for each other and make trobel wile there at it.

Submitted: December 25, 2010

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Submitted: December 25, 2010



Black for Him

Chapter 1


Get Maried To Who?

It was 1:00pm. The sun was still high in the sky and Kel Black was on theroof lying down looking up at the lovely bright, light blue sky watching the white fluffy clouds that look like they have just come out of a pinting float by slowly, wile butterflies fly around her head like they were dancing.She sat up and the scenary wasn't much to look at as it was just her house surounded by the garden and that was surounded by everybody else's houses, "it wasn't much but it could have been better" thaught Kel wile she started to clime back throu her bed room window the window slamed behind her that made her tumbel onto the floor in a heap, she satt up cossed leged and said in a not loud but not quiet voise "3...2...1..." the door flung open and in came Miss Tantale looking suppriseinly cheerfull insted of her usual grumpyness "Kel your mother has come home and got a supprise for you" sang Miss Tantale wile dragging Kel down the stairs by her wrist.

Kel's mother was sitting in the lounge with a glass of red wine in er hand and across from her sat a boy about Kel's age and quie rich bythe looksof him "sitt down Kel" her mother said, Kel satt in the nerest chair to the door expecting to run away in about 5 minutes time "Kel this is Torry Elrik hewill beyour new fiancee" said her mother wile Kel was choking on her drink that she just picked up a second before her mother spoke "and why am i geting married at all ... I told you I'm not geting married to enyone you know that mother" Kel said in a defient tone then stormed out the room ran upstairs climed out of her bedroom window up on the roof and just sat there looking up at the sky waiting for her mother togo back to france and her boyfreind and leave Kel and her father to themselfs so when Kel heard the sound of footsteps comeing up the stairs she was reddy to bolt for it useing her emergency lader but when Torry came in the door she was suprised usaly it's Mis Tantale running after her when she is upset but this time a man came for her "Ms Kel are you there I feel the same way as you do about do you want to help me with my plan to stop the marrige" Torry asked wile talking to thin air looking around for her ,then Kel called out to him "I'm out heir" so he climberd up to join her "ok ... so ... whats your plan?".

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