Life as a Cabin Girl

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A girl nicknamed Mop is a cabin girl for the blackbeard pirates and hates it. All she wants is to be a proper pirate and not a cleening girl for the meanist pirate on the sea and she gets her chance when the crew are up agenst a new enemy and she proves herself as the second best pirate on the seas.

Submitted: November 30, 2010

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Submitted: November 30, 2010



Life as a Cabin Girl

Sean 1

On the Deck (Mop is mopping up the deck When Halkeye a crew member walks over towards her)

Halkeye: the captin wants ye to get the supper reddy for us in the gally after yer finished with yer mopping up.

Mop: ye ye ye and what dos the captin want for his supper tell me that?

Halkeye: If its not the usual then yel have te ask him yer self.

Mop: ye ye ye and dos all yee want the usual te?

Halkeye: na is there enything else te eat?

Mop: not far ye there isnt ... just fish and mash unless ye want baked potato and fish do ya?

(Halkeye Shruged and signaled to Ace to come over)

Ace: What ya want Halkeye ye now im bissy?

Halkeye: Mop wants te now if all us want baked potato and fish will ya ask for her?

Mop: WHAT?

Ace: allright then thanks mop for going to the troble of cooking every day.

Mop: ok thanks ... what wait Ace.

Ace: see ye.

(Ace leaves)

Halkeye: see ya later then. ok Mop yee better get cooking then.


(Halkeye walks off snigering)

Sean 2

In the Gally (Mop is cleening up after supper when Ace and Halkeye walk in)

Ace: need some help there Mop Halkeye and i would be happy tu help?

Halkeye: what i dont wana help that lazy excuse for a cabin girl.

Ace: oh dont be like that Halkeye shegose to the troble of cooking and cleening everyday since she got onbored the least we can do is help a little.

Halkeye: ok ... oh Mop it's been two months since yee got onbored and i still dont now yer name are yee holding back on us?

Mop: no im not holding back ...yer the first tee ask what my name was's Alice ok happy now?

(Captin blackbeardsneeks upbehind them)

Blackbeard: oh so yer name is Alice now i thaut it was Mop or was i mastaken about that?

(Mop,Ace and Halkeye jump around and blackbeard is right behind Mop and put his hand on her head)

Mop: no captin

(Mop backs away from him and he grabs her sholder)

Blackbeard: yer cumin te my cabin right Alice?

Mop: yes captin ... and are they going te do there chores te day Halkeye been puting his chores on me te do?

(Halkeye and Ace run off pushing each other to get out the door)

Mop: captin can I go make breakfast for yee now?

Blackbeard: ok my little miss what da ya sugest we have ta eat then?

Mop: how about my new creation ...I call them "chips" there potatos slised into strips and boild in oliveoil ... so da ya want some captin?

Blackbeard:ya ill try them but only if ya feed some te Ceelover first so we now it's safe ta eat ya get me?

Mop: what do ya take me for captin Idid that allredy and he's not dead ok ... Ilgo get it redy for ya now.

(Mop left the room and Blackbeard colapsed on hi chair and started to wright a note to himself when he stoped he put the pen down and leaned back in his chair)

Back in the Gally (Mop is serving the "chips" with fish and saladWhen Ace walks in)

Ace: hi there Mop whats that yer serving today?

Mop: I made it myself I call it "chips" try some.

(Ace picked up a "chip" and hesatated)

Ace: you shoure it's safe ta eat Mop?

Mop: dont wory I gave it to Ceelover to try out and he's fine so eat.

(Ace hesatated agen then ate the "chip")

Mop: so how is it Ace good?

Ace: good ... no ... more like fantastic I cant beleve it tastes so ....

(Ace and Mop topeled over and Mop landed on Ace. they looked at each other and blushed and Halkeye waked in to tell them what was wrong and saw them like that)

Halkeye: uum am I interupting something hear?

(Mop jumed up off of Ace and sweeped the dirt off of her clothes)

Mop: what do ya want Halkeye?

Halkeye: Iv'e just come te tell ya wer under atack ... oh and the captin wants ya ta hide Mop.




(Ace grabbed her then pushed her into the kichen then loked the door)

Ace: just stay quiet in there untill we come back for ya.

(Ace blushed with his back leaning agenst the door looking at the floor)

Ace : il come back for ya mis Alice

Halkeye: come on Romio. juliet will be just fine weve got to protect the ship.

Ace: who are you callin Romio baby bird and im comeing ok.

(Halkeye and Ace left and Mop just sat there huging her knees looking up at the roof)

Sean 3

In the gally (after the fighting everyone was exasted exept for Ace and he went to see if Mop was alright so he opend the door to find her unconchus on the floor)

Ace: AliceAlice are you alright ... CAPTIN COME QUICKLY IT'S ALICE SHE'S HURT!!!

Sean 4

In Mop's cabin ( mop was lying in bed still unconchus wile Ace staid beside her to proteced her on the capin's orders. Halkeye was standing next to him leaning on the wall)

Halkeye: are you allright there Ace?

Ace: ye Im fine ... my job is to protect her as her bodygard as long as she's alive insted of being a pirate now so ...

Halkeye: ok ok I get it but can i ask you something. are you in love with her.

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