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Submitted: May 23, 2013

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Submitted: May 23, 2013



Do you have your work read much?

I haven't the longest list of friends--and most of them use English as a second language--but I want my writing to get out there.

So I joined a critique group (online, of course). But with a 3-4 week turnaround on a critique I feel the gravity weigh my heart down with each passing day.

I read their manuscripts and I see some stuff I like. I sent some critiques in and let them hear my advice. But did I really read anything that spoke to me? No. I didn't read anything that made me feel--alive in their world. I was an observer to something vague. When I think of my story, I literally feel my world because it is my own. Do they feel the same way? I wonder.

They say you should be diplomatic about sending in critiques so we all have the gooey feelings of warmth and happiness and whatnot that has plagued child-raising as of late. What happened to being brutally honest? My friends weren't, my family wasn't, and my newly-found critiquing brethren have been informed not to be.

So then I feel like all those daydreams I filled myself with to survive middle school, high school, and--albeit to a lesser extent--my adult life bore entire worlds populating my head with every second of every day.

There isn't a moment I don't walk down the street that I don't see something else happening.


Writing them isn't the hard part. Thinking up stories isn't the hard part.


Finding readers is.

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