The Xenomorph that was A little Different

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This is a story about a Xenomorph that loved humans.

She was sitting in restraints in the Behavioral Examination room, all alone. \"So what are we going to do with it?\" Let's see how it behaves before we decide.\" The scientists that had entered the room turned to look at the Xenomorph that was sitting in restraints. One of the scientists, the director she assumed, pushed the green button. That green button opened the restraints and allowed her to roam about the room. \"Marvelous, isn't it? Watch, these things can move on any surface. They can jump to. Okay, bring in the first test subject.\" \"Test subject,\" she thought, \"what is a test subject?\" Just then an unarmed human walked into the room. She looked at him. She looked at the scientists. He looked at her terrified. She looked at the hole in the ceiling. She grabbed him and pulled him up into the air shafts. She carried him into a large area, where they could stand. He was still terrified, fearing the worst. She started cuddling him much like a cat. He was still terrified. This went on for about forty-five minuets. He started to calm down. \"We'll you seem kind of friendly. Much friendlier than the other ones. I guess I'll keep you. I'll call you Cuddles.\" \"The others, god I don't want to think about them. They left me to die.\" She thought. \"Let's get you home, I'll take care of you.\" \"Thank you,\" she said to herself, \"thank you so much!\"

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Interesting. Take a look at my stories? I need some advise.

Mon, June 3rd, 2013 4:42am

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