My view on falling in love

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Brief look into love

Submitted: November 16, 2011

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Submitted: November 16, 2011



What is love?

How do you know if your in it?

When you get in a relationship do you instantly fall in love?

Love is a very powerful thing. It can hurt you and scar you but even though the effects of falling in love can be damaging we still allow ourself to let our guard down to it and let it in. You and love your parents, family, friends but they can hurt you too. Not all hurt is bad. It can make your stronger and sometimes help you find Mr Right.

Lately, I have been feeling in love but is it just me or do you kid yourself your in love and say I love you to someone but deep down really feel it? What if you meet someone who is so much like you and is like you but in the opposite sexes body? If you feel a connection to this person is it love or just friendship?

No one can asker these questions for me. Likewise to your questions. You deep down known how you feel about a certain person it's up to you if you admit these feelings or keep them a secret.

One piece of advise I have to give to all you readers is don't rush into anything. You can think you love someone and your ready to take then next step in your relationship, or if your planning to sleep with someone just because they asked you too, don't feel like you have to. Take things at your pace. If they don't like what you have decided  then their not the right person for you. If they loved you they would allow you to do things at your own pace. However, don't led them on, that will get you no where.

Something else that has come to my attention is that fact that some people think it isn't right for women to fall in love with women or men to fall in love with men. To me this is complete bull. I have to say I have friends who are gay/ bi and I think it's great. I have also tried it myself too, so don't judge if you haven't tried it or don't understand. You can fall in love with the same sex and that is fine. So stop stressing and allow yourself to feel how you want to.

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