Becoming a Warrior

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Blair's life is going great for her, aside from the fact that her parents are gone. She has a nice house to herself to keep her safe. But, she never expected to find a whole new world aside from her regular life.

Submitted: March 22, 2016

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Submitted: March 22, 2016



Becoming a Warrior

By: Zoe Miller


I have always been a regular teenager with a normal life. I was not expecting it to change very much, but when it did, I wasn’t prepared at all.


As I walked along the sidewalk of downtown London, I caught a glimpse of something strange under the awning of a store. A young boy, probably my age, with angel like wings was watching something walk through the crowds on the sidewalk. I passed him as he suddenly pushed off the wall. He knocked into my shoulder with one of his wings and I glared at him.


“Hey, watch where you’re swinging your wings!” I said to him, very annoyed. He turned around and stared at me dumbfounded.


“How can you see my wings?” He questioned.


“Who couldn’t? They’re huge!” I exclaimed.


“What’s your name?” He said as he pulled me aside and under an awning of a different store.


“Blair Hill… why?” I asked


“Never mind” He glanced down the sidewalk again then back to me “I gotta go!” He said before taking off, weaving his way past other people to get ahead of them in a hurry.


I shook my head and continued walking. He never gave me his name! I thought as I walked down the same way the mysterious guy walked down. I searched the crowd for him but came up short. I sighed, frustrated and cleared my mind of him. I walked the familiar path towards my building. Unlocking the door, I stepped through threshold. My house was silent. I slipped off my black combat boots and hung up my beige coat. I was just about to grab the remote when I heard a bark come from inside my house. I froze and turned around. There was a golden retriever puppy sitting in the middle of the kitchen, staring back at me. I stood up straight and started to walk towards it. It backed away but then it changed. The “dog” grew bigger until it was about the size of a 6 year old. It looked like a dog and a centipede combined. It started to slither towards me and I screamed and ran up the stairs. It was faster than I thought and it came at me with lightning speed. I slammed my bathroom door shut and locked it. The door turned a dark color of red at the bottom half and it disintegrated and the creature came in and back me up to the shower. I stepped in and shut the sliding door. The glass made the outside of the shower blurry but when I looked back at the creature there was something else behind it, no someone else. In a flash of red and orange sparks, the creature disintegrated and nothing was left of it. I slowly opened the door and saw the same person that bumped into me earlier. He was holding a sword in his right hand and was staring at the place the creature was.

I shut the door as quietly as I could but it didn’t go unnoticed. It made a thump as it hit the stopper and his head flicked up towards me. I sunk back to the far end of the shower. I saw his silhouette come towards the door and he extended his arm. My eyes widened as he slowly opened the door. His brown haired head poked in and looked at me.


“Come on out.” He said gently. I shook my head furiously.


“No, I don’t even know you” I defended and crossed my arms over my chest.


“I’m Jax. I am a Warrior. If you come with me you will be safe.” He extended his hand towards me. I thought about it for a bit, I wanted to be safe and away from things like those. I eyed it before nodding and grabbing his callused hand. It was surprisingly warm. He had this sweet and yet outdoorsy smell I couldn’t describe as I stood next to him. He guided me through my house and back towards the front door.


I tugged on his hand and he stopped. “Where are we going?” I asked.


“Somewhere safe, and away from other things like that.” He motioned to where he killed the creature.


“Okay let me go grab something.” I let go of his hand and walked towards the stairs.


“Be quick.” He said and I gave him a thumbs up before racing up the stairs.


I walked down the hallway towards the end of it. There stood a door on the left. My room. I slowly opened it up, staying alert for more creatures. I walked in and looked around, nothing was different or moved. I saw what I came for and snatched it off my dresser. I walked out of my room and shut the door. Going back downstairs, Jax was waiting for me at the front door. His head went up as I came down.


“Ready?” He asked. I nodded and he opened up the front door. I stepped outside and walked down the stairs. At the bottom, I turned around and looked at my house.


“Goodbye for a while..” I whispered to myself.

“C’mon!” Jax yelled from halfway down the sidewalk. I took one last glance at my house then jogged down the walk.


As we walked downtown, I felt like we were being watched. I guess Jax sensed it too and he grabbed my hand. He led me through the crowd to an isolated area. There stood a huge old church. The paint was peeling off, the roof looked like it was going to cave in, and the whole place had overgrown weeds and plants growing on it.


“Umm.. why are we here” I asked as we approached it.


“What do you see?” He turned to me and let my hand drop.


“A huge run down church. Why?” I questioned.


“Look deeper into it.” I gave him a questioning look and he motioned for me to look at it.


I closed my eyes and thought really deep on what this really looks like. I opened them and before me stood a elegant looking church with light blazing out of it. I smiled and looked at Jax. “I see it!” He smiled back and lead me inside. Right as we enter I hear bickering.


“You can’t go after him Dan!” A girl shouted.


“Yes, I can Rose!” The guy, I think is Dan fires back to the girl who now has a name.


“Jax will be back soon. Just wait” Rose says.


We turn a corner and come into a big open area. There are computers and techy stuff everywhere, a training room off to the left, and a staircase going up about ten steps. At the top of the stairs are two people looking about to be me and Jax’s age. The girl has long strawberry blonde hair that falls in waves down her back, hazel eyes, and a pretty face to go along with all of it. Standing a couple steps down is a guy with a more darker blonde hair, brown eyes, and was well built. Jax cleared his throat and they stopped arguing and looked over.


“Jax you’re back. Who’s this?” Dan asks, pointing to me.


“Her name is Blair and I found her getting attacked by a demon.” He explains while he crossed his arms over his chest.


“We don’t need anymore mortals coming into the Sanctuary” Dan says while glaring at me.


“Hey! Don’t you ever call me that!” I yell at him. He has no right to call me mortal. I can tell that I may look mortal, but I can definitely that I’m not. I feel like I belong with them and not in the mortal world after what I just witnessed.


“Yea Dan, back off a bit” Jax defended.


“Whatever, we got a bigger problem,” Dan says as he rolls his eyes at Jax. “You know how we spotted Kragen and you followed him?” Jax nods. “Well, turns out, he stole the stone somehow and I have no clue how he got his hands on it.” He finishes.


“Where is his “hideout” again?” Jax asks, putting little air quotes when he said hideout.


“New York. He is probably already there plotting what to do next.”


“We gotta go there. Now.”


“Hold up” Rose butts in. “How are we going to get there? Flying? Teleporting?”


“I know someone who can get us there for free” I say. Their heads turn to me and they all stare at me. “My mother’s friend Trent, who is like family to me. He can call a plane to come get us. He lives in New York.”


“Okay, good thinking Blair” Jax says and I smile.


Right after I called Trent, our family friend, he sent us a private flight two hours after I called. I had quickly walked to my house to grab some clothes and a couple other things. Now we were relaxing on our plane. I got up off the couch and grabbed a soda. Right as I cracked it open Jax stole it from me and took a sip. I stared at him until he was done, almost drinking the whole can. I sighed and took it back and downed the remaining fizzy liquid.


Our plane descended and we all grabbed our stuff and got off. Trent also said he rented a whole condo for us. When we arrived at it, I quickly ran and claimed my bed before anyone else could take it. There was a bunk bed pushed against the left wall and one on the right wall. I threw my bag on top of the one on the right. Jax took the one under me, Rose took the other top one, and Dan took the bottom.


I layed there and thought about the stone that they talk of.


“Jax, what is this stone you guys talk about?” I asked while I hung my head upside down.


“This stone is what keeps the balance between us Warriors and the demons. Who ever has it can use it for good, or for evil.” He explained. I nodded and sat back up. “Everyone get some rest. I have a feeling that we’re going to need it” With that I closed my eyes and let the sleep overtake me.


A while later, we were sneaking up to building where Kragen is living.

“Okay everyone, me and Blair are going to sneak into the basement and up to the room. Dan, Rose, you guys will be going to the roof and going in that way. Okay, let’s go” We snuck to the side door and opened it. Dan and Rose climbed the ladder that went up to the roof. Jax and I climbed down a different ladder that went into the basement. Once we dropped down, I looked around. There was little to nothing in this basement. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around. Jax was holding out a blade. I took it and gave him a questioning look.


“It’s a Warrior blade. This is what we use to kill the demons and other creatures.“ He explains.

I nod and we continue searching. I glanced around a corner and saw an opening that had light spilling through.


“Over here!” I informed him and he came right over next to me.


We walked up the stairs and were met with a huge ballroom. It had a huge chandelier hanging in the center of the room, lots of tables pushed up against the far wall. I walked to the center and looked around. It was beautiful and so elegant. Jax came up next to me. Right then we heard movement. I looked all around but there wasn’t anyone there. I glanced at Jax and saw he was alert also.


“Well, Well, Well look who we have here.” A figure came out of the shadows. I couldn’t see any of his features.


“Ian…” Jax said before he lunged at him. Everyone started running towards them. More people came out of the shadows with huge fangs. Vampires.


We all started fighting. One of them lunged at me and scratched my arm. Some blood spilled onto my clothes, staining it.


After a few minutes of fighting, all the vampires were laying on the ground, dead. We were all banged up a bit but we can survive.

After the battle, my shirt was stained with blood from the vampires and shapeshifters. I glanced around at the others. They also had some and a couple scratches. I also had scratches, one going down my arm from when I got thrown. I stumbled a bit but regained my balance. I walked over to them and we all looked at each other.

“You survived your first battle. Good job” Dan said to me. I felt proud because he rarely gives compliments.

I wandered away from everyone and  walked down a corridor and found a room with a door slightly ajar. I peeked inside and saw a pedestal with an object resting on it. I moved towards it when the door slammed shut behind me and I banged on it.

“Hello there.” A voice said from behind me. I turned around and there was a man standing behind the pedestal.

“Kragen.” I whispered. He must of heard me because he bowed.

“Yes ma'am”

“Give me the stone” I demanded.

He laughed “Never, at least not to you Warriors”

I brought out a blade Jax gave me and lunged at him. I cut his arm and he staggered.  He retaliated and brought out a blade similar to mine. He cut me in the leg and I fell. He hovered over me and whispered, “Say goodbye to you precious life” He raised his blade and before I could register what was happening, I jerked my blade upwards and stabbed him, right in the chest. He rolled off of me and held his hand over the wound. I rose up and rushed to the stone. I grabbed it and he doors swung open, revealing the trio waiting nervously. I ran out and hugged Jax.

“I got the stone.” I whispered as I handed him the stone, smiling. He smiled back. “Now, can we leave? I don’t like this place.” I asked and looked at Jax.

He nodded and started walking away. I followed and he led us to the main doors. He opened them and moonlight spilled over his face. I walked out and was met with cool night air. Dan and Rose trailed behind us a few feet away, deep in conversation. I sighed and we walked down the deserted sidewalk.

He leaned over towards me “This is where we first met.” He whispered, his breath fanning my ear.

I looked around and saw it was. The same street and shop. I smiled and we continued walking.

I finally found where I belong. I didn’t care about slaying those creatures anymore. They were nothing. I was a Warrior, and this is where my story began.

© Copyright 2018 Zoe M.. All rights reserved.

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