"I remember"

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This poem is about that notion that I discovered. When you have a bad separation or break up, you try to change as much as you can, because it is only the excitement that keeps you going. But when you look back, you realize that the person who you were when in that relationship doesn't exist anymore. And you are someone else, and your ex-partner is no longer the person you used to know or love.

Submitted: March 15, 2013

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Submitted: March 15, 2013



My life

Is mine

And I won’t say it

For anyone to hear

I scream when I remember me

The way I used to be

And back to dreaming…

I remember touch,

The one that felt like water

Over naked skin

That sent the chills and sparkles

Through my clear brain


I remember tears, clean.

Clean, honest, and straightforward

That’s how I think

It used to be

No fear

I remember skies,

Desperately heavy with sorrow,

Not with guilt,

Not with worry

Not with the shame and fear

Of my own reflection

I remember when I trusted you

And let my heart astray

And when you held me like a glass

Of gentle, and prestigious wine

And when you scattered it

Against the wall with metal hooks

That we both got from Lily


I remember when you caught my body

After you punched me in the chest

Right before it got stabbed though the back of my head

But my heart went flying,

Ripping over sharp and pointy edges of the metal

And bleeding all over the door

And over scattered pieces of my feelings

But that’s all gone

I cry and scream no more

In fact there is no me that I remember

Of how I was

Nothing left

I am a whore.

I have no feelings

And what you left unbroken was

Trampled on by other people

Just like you

And I am numb

And I don’t feel it

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