"Queen of Spades"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
It's my first poem in English that I ever submit for anyone's reading, so please comment.
It is a poem about two people who understand each other's strange thinking, and it goes in those strange unrelated abstractions the way they think and understand. They even might be in love, but they know that they will never make sense together.

Submitted: March 14, 2013

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Submitted: March 14, 2013



A Balkan lullaby

In my ears

And bitter coffee on my lips

I might not be the woman

That you dreamed of

But you were here with me.

Tiny bits of sugar -

The one I never eat

Are the words I'll never say

About how I lied to you

When to your question if I fell in love

Laughing and trembling inside

I answered, not.

Apparently "Whatever"

Was awarded the most

Annoying word

Of the year

Three times in a row

And when you say it

I mean it,

Every letter

Kills a a butterfly

Tickling the bottom

Of my shallow, as you put it,


Hail to the joker

Of the foolish hearts!

The deck of cards

Between the fingertips

That attracts my eye

When trying harder

Not to stare at the leaving train

Of my unlucky strike

Reminds me of my stupid lack of fortune.

Right when you read my mind

(Because I am the dumbest thing

Around you'll ever see)

The deck of cards slips

And exposes for a second

The Queen of spades

That's me.

And have you ever seen

How for some non-existent reason

The queen is always with a crooked mouth?

As if she has some chronic pain

Just like the one that rests inside your eyes

And my heart

And wrinkles on your forehead?

That's right.

I am the Z

A dot somewhere in the ocean

Of curly arithmetical equations

And when you solve for X,

In your own, all tangled

Life solution

We both will know that it's a nonsense thing

Like dividing things,

By zero

Or having an equilibrium

With the equality sign in between

Two unresolved variables.

And X and Z are never to be found

Because those two if put together

Don't have a meaning

Because their equations lie

In two different planes of

The mathematical world

Where things that are parallel

Don't intersect or correspond.

© Copyright 2019 Zoe Sahibova. All rights reserved.

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