Girl with a Gun!

Status: Finished

Girl with a Gun!

Status: Finished

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Girl with a Gun!

Book by: Zoe Yoshikane


Genre: Romance



Josh or shall I say kate has to get into this special training camp for self defence. So she has to act like a boy every day! She does not like it but she rather do that then being kicked out.but what happens when a new kid find out her secret? and is there someone after her? read to find out what really happens...


Josh or shall I say kate has to get into this special training camp for self defence. So she has to act like a boy every day! She does not like it but she rather do that then being kicked out.but what happens when a new kid find out her secret? and is there someone after her? read to find out what really happens...

Author Chapter Note

Josh or shall I say kate has to get into this special training camp for self defence. So she has to act like a boy every day! She does not like it but she rather do that then being kicked out.but what happens when a new kid find out her secret? and is there someone after her? read to find out what really happens...

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Submitted: November 21, 2011

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 21, 2011




~Girl with a Gun~

Part 1

By: Zoë yoshikane

The bell rang, I ran past the main door jumped the edge and aimed the laser gun and waited silently waiting for an enemy to appear in my sight so I could shoot him down in any moment. I craned my neck. I heard a pattering of footsteps I clenched to the ceilings corner. I knew it was my perfect chance I sprang to the enemy’s in complete surprise and shot them all down at once. I smiled with glee. The head trainer walked up to me and shook my hand he smiled with pride. “Josh you get better every day and I get happier every day you’re the top student at this training unit you’re like my very own son.” I smiled proudly. Of course all the other guys had to be mad that I never lost! They all were filled with pure jealousy. They stared at me in anger and pushed me around but I would love to see the reaction if they found out they were losing to a girl the whole time!

Yes it’s true I am a girl. You might be like isn’t your name josh! Well it kind of is but my real name is Kate or the girly way Katie. You might ask why you are acting like a boy. Well… no I hate acting like a boy! I am not one of the tom boys nope not one bit. The real reason is the training camp only accepts boys because they think the girls will get hurt easily and they don’t want to get sued I guess …wow what a lie ha-ha but I rather be a boy than get out of this training school!

The boys sat around in a group making a revenge plan. They wanted payback... “So let’s beat him up he thinks he’s better than us.” Cole said the guys laughed then sighed “.we can’t do that he will beat us up more!” They all shook their heads with sorrow Jake and Jackson were thinking while the other guys were waiting for an answer. Both of the guys had an Idea. Maybe the thing they could hurt is his top record of shots per minute. They picked up the phone and dialed a number. They giggled evilly and shook their heads with excitement.

The next day before regular practice began the coach had an announcement. “Well students we have a new student his name is Nick can you guys lend him a laser gun for today and maybe help him out…?” The newbie grinned “Teacher its ok I don’t think I need help.” I stared at his dreamy face and dose off to his bright blue eyes then wandered back to focus. I noticed the boys were all laughing and staring at me. I knew something was wrong. I tried to ignore it but there was still a part of me thinking about it. The bell rang and the match started I ran to a corner waiting for the perfect shot. I aimed with focus and stood still in silence. I knocked them all down except for one. I couldn’t believe it Nick was not shot yet! I waited for his attack until he grabbed behind me pushed me down and shot me. My leg scraped against the floor violently. The pain flowed through my whole foot as I tried to rub off some of the blood. I was on the edge about to cry. The coach greeted him and was amazed the coach even forgot about me. “Well I knew you are the strongest in the team I am proud to have you with us.” The coach smiled. My heart shattered in to pieces. The guys congratulated him as I wiped a tear from my face.

When practice ended I walked to the locker room after every one left. I started to take of the wig off and let my long hair fall. Then I rolled off the cloth hiding my bra. Then put on my skirt until I heard tapping of foot steppes in the hallway. I quickly threw on my shirt. Oh no I am going to get caught and there is no were to hide my eyes got watery next thing you know Nick appeared. He stared in confusion. “You... you... umm… I came to help you with your leg I seen it was bleeding earlier I umm….” OHH NO IVE BEEN FOUND OUT! Next thing you know more footsteps came I frowned I could feel the pain in my chest spread to my whole body…

Nick grabbed by the waist and pushed me in the locker. He closed the door and locked it. I squealed with confusion. “Shush….” He said in a soft whisper. I looked through the slits of the red locker and seen Cole and two other guys appear they noticed nick standing. “Hey champ.” They said with excitement. Nick kept a straight face. “Umm… it was nothing much.” Nick said casually. The guys laughed. “I bet josh had a great time being lost to for once, ha-ha you broke his record and shattered his poor little dreams.” A tear ran down my face as I thought I have been used. Nick stared with worry. “I crushed that persons dream?” The guys giggled “yeah thanks to you!” The guys left after saying their goodbyes. The pain rushed through my body I started to shake. I felt the smoothness of the dark cold locker and the shiver in my spine. After they left He started to unlock the door and opened it slowly. He saw my tears fall to the floor. Yet I was sighing silently still in shock of the words just spoken.

He gasped with worry. “I never meant to hurt…” I shined a fake smile then fell to the floor like my life was just taken. My leg screamed with raging pain. He picked me up and carried me to the nurse’s office located in the training school. Everyone had already left. He laid me on the couch and took out a medical kit. He started to wrap a cast around my shattered leg. Tears rolled down my face one by one. The bleeding stopped he held my hand in worry. My eyes got sleepy. “He started to whisper sadly. “I never wanted to hurt you but you might not remember when we were kids we were great friends know you’ve grown from cute kid to a beautiful girl but I guess after that accident… you forgot that I loved you, Kate… he hugged my arm. I thought it was only a dream but it turns out it was very real.

The next morning I woke up in an unknown bed! “Uwahh!” I screamed. He ran in the room in understanding. “OH ha-ha you fell asleep and I didn’t know where you lived so I took you to my house don’t worry about it ha-ha!” he smiled so innocent and childish. ‘Umm….” He looked my reaction.” Well say it.” He said softly as always. “Well… thank you for taking care of me…” he smiled sweetly “no problem but my mom freaked out! she thought I killed you!” We both giggled. I looked into his face and remembered my past, I remembered him and I remembered the reason my I must be the number one fighter.

I grabbed my stuff and changed into josh and ran out the door. He looked confused. “Where are you going?” he asked worried. “I am going to early practice!” He laughed.” How are you going to get there, you’re going the wrong way!” I sighed in embarrassment. He walked with me to the school. He kept quiet but I did not want to make any type of small talk. I ran to the door and unlocked it he followed behind slowly. When nick walked in he seen I was practicing some complicated flips and jumps. He clapped with great applause.” Oh umm… thanks.” I blushed with embarrassment as he smiled with joy. “Well should we practice on the arena?” I smiled but soon hid it. “Well…?” he said concerned. I looked away. “Well I could never practice with anyone before...” He looked shocked. “It’s really fun, come on?” I giggled he grabbed my hand and raced to the room.

He rang the bell and the match started. We were laughing the whole time. We tumbled and rolled randomly on the floor as if we were little kids. We both smiled and were out of breath at the end. I jumped on him play fully and rolled off him. We stared at the high ceiling trying to catch our breath. He stared in my eyes. His face stared and he shown a small smile. He pulled in to kiss me but the door slammed open quickly we moved away fast. The coach walked in surprised. “Well hello students here for early practice?” we nodded yes. “Well nick I did not know you were so responsible to come so early.” He smiled. “Josh brought me here!” I smiled and the coach smiled at me.

The others walked in for class and noticed me and Nick were friends. They got pissed and stormed out of the arena. A little while later the coach walked up to me and nick. “Is this true, that you got really hurt and you did not sit out?” I nodded. I knew that Cole Jackson and the others told on me. “But I ….” He looked worried. “I hate when you push yourself all the way and I don’t want you to end up in the hospital like always!” after nick heard the word hospital he got very concerned. I ran out of the room with rage and sat on the bench in front of the lockers. Nick followed. “Hey you should not over work yourself because…” I cut him off. “You just don’t know do you… I have to do this I… I…” Tears started to fall down my face. He hugged me. “Is he… still after you?” my face turned pale and lifeless I knew I could not hide it. “… Yes.” My body turned to the feel of stone. He got up with rage and punched the wall he left a huge dent. He fell to the floor staring at my crying face. He got up and comforted me. The guy who I am scared of… The guy who I am training for… He was his brother and my abusive ex.

I could not stop crying the pain and the memories collided in my mind. I only felt safe by training to fight but even so. Do I have the will strength to do so? Nick walked me back to my house. He was worried about me. “Umm nick can you… stay over tonight because I am scared and I slept better without being alone…” nick laughed “sure I guess if your mom doesn’t mind…” I smiled “I’ll tell her you are gay.” We both laughed. We walked up stairs and he looked at all the trophies I had won. My room was girly which I guess it made him laugh because I have to act like a boy all day at training. I took off my wig and went to the bathroom and got changed. I sat in a chair. “Well do you want to share a bed?” He laughed in sarcasm. “Hmm I guess we have to.” I took the duct tape and split the bed in half. We got in at the same time which was a little awkward. Then we started to talk about simple things like movies we watched or funny stories and happy moments in our lives. We fell asleep with a smile on our faces while holding hands.

When I woke up we starred at each other’s eyes. Then reality clicked we were holding hands! We let go and we both blushed. I got up and combed my hair and got ready in the washroom. I walked out as if he seen me look like a pretty girl. He starred with great focus then looked away in sock. He had another pair of clothes so he changed to. Today was the start of the weekend no training today! So Nick and I are going to hang out. I am very happy. We are both exited… wait a second is this a date? I blushed at the simple happy thought. Then another question popped in my head. Am I in love with him?

When we left my house we started to walk down the path. The leaves were falling like it was the start of fall. The sky was clear but my stomach had butterflies. He quickly grabbed my hand trying to get over with the awkwardness. We smiled and a small shade of blush appeared on our smiling faces. We walked the path until I seen two lovey-dovey couples walk towards us. We noticed it was Cole and his girlfriend and Jackson and his girlfriend. They shouted with excitement. “Hey Nick.” Cole yelled out. They walked and noticed we were holding hands. We let go and noticed I wonder if they could tell I was josh! They stared at me with a huge smile. “Well… well nick this is your girlfriend she’s very pretty.” They said at the same time. The girls pushed them with anger. They hugged and flirted with them to calm them down. Nick soon answered. “Yes we are going out…” oh my we are going out! “They starred and giggled with awe. Cole started to speak. “Well we were going on a double date… but now it’s a TRIPLE!” he screamed with glory. We stared at each other cutely. That we didn’t know who was watching and that person who changed Kate’s life forever never left... My heart raced in the second I meet nicks bright blue eyes like a freaky romantic movie….. You may not know this but that is the most awkward part in the whole movie! I felt like laughing so much but I did not want to be rude. That’s only because… I like him a lot and then I noticed something more hilarious then that. Cole and Jackson are so stupid! I mean I noticed they were kind of dumb but come on! They don’t even notice me! They could make fun of me but they can’t recognize my face! Hmm… but they called me pretty… holy cow! Those jerks! I wonder does that count as sexual harassment because if it did I would sue them and put them in prison! Ha-ha I started to laugh at my own thoughts.

Their girlfriend’s Kim and lily stared at me with anger. I quickly looked away. The girls had gaudy faces filled with makeup and wore tons of tacky jewelry. Honestly they looked like they were trying to hard! They stared more at me and their boyfriends pretended like they didn’t know it was going on. I clanged to Nick trying to play a weak girls part as if I was not a great professional fighter. The girls stared in jealousy and tried to do the same but they pushed them off for space. That quickly made the girls snap. They yelled with anger. “What the hell why won’t you pay attention to us.” They stared as if their girlfriends were out of control kids. I and nick stared in as they embarrassed themselves in public.

Soon the guys once again calmed them down and they turned back to lovey- dovey selves. We started to walk towards the restaurant. We walked in and took a table by the window. People casually walked by entering stores and etc. but for some crazy reason I swear I feel like I’m being watched carefully! I shivered at the thought and remembered that my ex is still out there. I touched the scare on my arm hidden under makeup the one he gave me. I could still remember those painful memories. I hope to forget them with Nick by my side.

Nick and the others started to talk as I stared out side. Until I seen a glimpse of a hoodie and the same eyes of Nicks appeared. His twin brother was watching me. His brother Nathan turned his head and smiled evilly. My mind went blank. Nick was shocked at my reaction. “What’s wrong? It looks like you seen a ghost!” then I knew a ghost is not as scary that of what I had just seen…

It was him I’m sure of it I stared into Nick’s eyes with a pained expression. We left the restaurant and said goodbye to Cole and Jackson. We were in front of my house. He tugged on my arm. “Were did you see him?” with a face full of rage, I yanked away. “Tell me….” He said impatiently. “No … I...” stared at my scared arm. He pulled me tightly and yelled. “What the hell is this?” I cried with pain. “Nick it hurts... stop please!” he let go slowly. I looked deep into his fierce expression. He looks exactly like his brother. He stared at his hand as if he was a monster. “Nick, you will never be like your brother.” I hugged him but he kept staring at his reflection.

That day Nick did not want to walk me home. He’s afraid if he will end up like his brother Nathan. It was dark and the mood was gloomy. It started to rain the wind softly blew my hair back. I looked back and alI I could see Nathan with baseball bat and his evil smile. My vision blacked out all I knew I was nowhere I could feel the cool air brush against my face. The smell and feel of my blood was on me. I heard a loud crack sound of the bat against my back. My feeling and my vision came back. I screamed with pain as the bat striked me violently. I was on the floor gasping for air. Nick was hand cuffed to a steal pole he was about ten feet away. Blood spilled on the floor the pain would not stop. Nick screamed with worry and pain.” NATHEN STOP IT DON’T TOUCH HER PLEASE. DON’T DO THIS PLEASE.” Nathan looked with enjoyment. “Well… well brother… looks like you love my precious Kate…” He laughed madly. He walked up to nick slowly as I watched. “Hmm nick do you love her so much that you would take a bullet for her?” he took out a gun and aimed it at his head. I stared with worry my heart dropped its beat my brain stopped. “Yes.” He said he stared in my face with goodbye.

My body got up and I ran and smacked the gun out of Nathans hands. I punched him to the floor and shot the gun at him. Nathan stared with confusion. “Why did you shoot my leg and not kill me?” he said with pain. I Smiled. “It’s because everyone deserves a second chance, no matter what.” I unlocked Nick and he held me with worry then he whispered in my ear. “There is no point of living without a sun to shine and show me beautiful of this world I live in; you are my sun I could never live without.” He leaned in and kissed me softly. We smiled as we couldn’t wait for our bright future together.

One week later… well yes Nathan went to jail and has to serve 3 years. I and nick are going out and we are happy together. The training school now accepts girls. After I showed the coach my secret he was surprised and started me calling me his daughter! Ha-ha. But Cole and the guys were not mad but they apologized to me. I don’t think they mind being with a bunch of girls. They just love flirting anyway. P.S. me and nick plan on being the team caption together and maybe one day we will even teach kids of our own. Whatever the future will lead the sun will guide us even though the darkest times no matter what it will always get brighter…

© Copyright 2016 Zoe Yoshikane. All rights reserved.

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