The Words I Never Spoke

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Reflecting upon tragedy.

Submitted: July 23, 2010

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Submitted: July 23, 2010



Sitting here watching the time tick by
With my head in my hands but still I can't cry
The storm came and cold, hard winds blew in
With so much damage done, but where do we begin

Never told you in life how much I loved you
Never knew how much that my actions would affect you
Got so caught up in  just trying to live
I know if I were you I'd never forgive (me)

Taught you to be a soldier and how to talk
Never taught you to crawl, only how to walk
But what you needed most, the thing I couldn't show
How to live, how  to love, and to take life slow

Only taught you to do and talk, but never listen
That did no good when we saw the metal glisten
Now it's over and all said and done
Too busy talkin' to hear the cock of the gun

Two babies without a daddy, your momma askin' why
My head in my hands but still I can't cry
As we get ready to lay you in the ground
I know we'll miss havin' you around

A lesson we had to learn, the price you did pay
Because, sooner, we couldn't find the words to say
Keep your head up, stay away from the drugs
Or your life will end up short, cut down by some thugs

But we only taught you to talk, never to be silent
Your drugs, tough words, ended your life in violence
The babies will grow and soon be in their youth
So I've written these words, they need to know the truth

The world failed you, -n- I'm sorry your heart got broke
Now I know to tell your babies the words I never spoke

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