Dear Mother & Father

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A Letter I wrote to my Parent's... I never ended up showing them... comment's & feedback welcome

Submitted: June 07, 2013

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Submitted: June 07, 2013



Dear Mother & Father.

Dear mother and father,
Why have you put me through this awful thing... this thing called life?
You could have stopped me walking the earth as soon as you found out mother was pregnant, haven’t you realised yet, I never wanted to live?
I've never been happy, and I've never once smiled with a meaning behind it. For I'm always upset ,and crying with fear. I have not once thought to myself I'm glad I'm alive, to be honest, at times I've wished I was dead. I never realised life was this hard, I was to depressed to notice love, happiness, and any other emotions other then fear, sadness and confusion.
I have attempted to end my life a few times, but no one ever noticed. I had hoped I succeeded, but I always failed. I just guess I don’t have the guts to. one day mother and father you will regret giving birth to me, cause you will loose me, when I soon succeed. I know you may not like the fact I want to kill myself, but I guess your the ones to blame, you made me who I am. am I right?
If you wanted me to be happy, you should have made me happy. I never asked to be sad all the time, sometimes, I wish I knew the thought and feeling of being happy, but I guess I will never know. I try so hard at night, lying in bed to stop thinking depressive thought and actually become someone else, but its so difficult , have you ever tried to become someone your not?
I think to myself, would people be better off if I wasn't around? I have often thought of running away, but I'm scared I’ll get caught.
As soon as I stepped foot on this earth, I knew my life was going to be hell. But I never thought it would be this bad. I bet you soon realised how much of a misunderstood person I am, and how much of a regret I was?
I know deep deep down inside you never wanted me, I just wish you stuck to that decision and took an abortion. Peoples lives wouldn’t be ruined like they are now, peoples minds wouldn’t have me in them, people would be happier.

I know I'm not perfect, and I'm full of imperfections, but just hear me out, please would you have the curtsey to end my life, right here right now?

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