November 24 Toll at Tazreen

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The poem depicts the sad indecent occurred at Tazreen , a Garmnent Factory in Bangaldesh taking hundred of young souls.

Submitted: February 26, 2013

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Submitted: February 26, 2013



November 24 Toll at Tazreen

Zohara Ummey Hassan

They do not know why their uncle call them for Dhaka
Suddenly to meet their parents at that busy stay
They have schools and lesson to learn
Would that parents are much eager to say?

They work in a big garment factory called Tazreen at Ashulia
Far from their ancestral home of this remote
They have rented a tiny and congested room there
To toil and earn for the family they bear.

The parents could not sleep at night
The faces of the dearest children
Come again and again in mind
Nobody to give solace, nothing to get reprieve.

They have two children, one girl and one boy
They love them so dearly and never think to say off
At the time of parting parents and children cry
And take leave each other with broken minds .

What parents told her yesterday at mobile phone, the girl tries to recall
Aye, they will come to home for seven days leave
Bring for them handsome dresses and tasty food to eat
So after long waiting home coming of parents make the children dreamy.

The girl with cheerful mind becomes busy to make her brother up
Talking and laughing they pass their sojourn
The bus has crossed the Jumuna with few more miles to cover
Time is coming to meet with parents, nothing to suffer.

The parents did not know it was their last day on earth
Last day to speak or wish their children
They all tried their best to save live precious
From fire, with 111 colleagues at Tanzreen, the burning cave of 24th November.

One of their fellow mates told them not to be afraid
It's a trial to extinguish fire if occurs
The fire is really fake, blaze and quickly end
Better to mind one's own work and work .

Suddenly ,there were piercing cries all around, fire, fire
Coming furiously as like as like as the hungry waves of the sea
Uncontrollable, Fierce, loathsome and ugly
Suddenly keep all the people at the bosom with pleasant glee!

Safe, safe oh God help us to stay alive
We have waiting husband, wife, parents and child
Please offer the last chance to see them once
Don't break our soul and throw us into the deepest air !

Fire to the left of them, also to the right
Fire is back to them, also at front
At head up everything is glowing and feet down
The flame of fire could not but grasp their lives.

They prayed for help, ask people to open the lock of the stair
Ask them to break the glasses still too hot to bear
The floor is like a living volcano, which with its cruel clutch
Grasp all and grasp all for ever!

All look at each other aimlessly, to see how the fire grabs them one by one
Nothing to be contented, nothing to be relaxed
Everyone knows their fate, they soon will leave
The dearest world !

One by one or all in a body
Clutched by the fire, still someone as if has more tasks to do
To inform dear and near, how to identify their burning dead bodies
Before placing them at grave yard.

Some said, Mam, pls. see an anklet at my feet
With silver white and some say, Papa , spent my savings
For the marriage of our younger one, as because I am
Leaving, leaving the earth for ever.

The pregnant wife said to her beloved husband
To take care of him and forgive her for the quarreling
Made in the morning, and making her free
Adieu, adieu her pathetic cries shake the tower tree.

The girl and the boy at last reach Dhaka and
Eager to meet with parents with laugh and cheer
But where are they, why do the uncle don't say
Where do their parents really stay?

This is their first time in the capital, first time to see
Their parent's working place, they have heard about its magnanimity
Richness and fame with buyers from far and near abroad
Parents really feel privileged to work there!

Why there is so much smoke with water and fire
Why there are so many people with bitter cries and wails
Why there are so many burning or half-burning bodies
Why there are so many people lying covered in the ground!

Dad where are you, mam where you are
Bitterly howled the children with tears rolled
With them the whole area begins to cry again
As if to pay the last tribute to the departed souls !

Parents Pls. come and meet with us
Meet with us
Meet with us
Don't break our soul!

Wailing, crying, lamenting and howling
Cover all the areas, all of them have nothing to do
But to search the dear faces from the
Breathless tearful sea.

Have you seen my mother's body uncle, ours father's
Oh, no all are burnt so miserably kept nothing to share
All are trying recklessly at least to recognize the bodies
Only the dead bodies of their dearest ones !

Bodies of 111 with missing of 53
Recognized few are now privileged
But what about missing or unrecognized one
Authority ordered, to go morgue or DNA fair !

Still now ,all of them are waiting for the Bodies
Living or death
No body cares them
Who will give them solace ?

Pappa, Mamma, we want nothing
No dress or food or shed on the roof
Pls. back to us , back to us
Keep the promises you give !

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love rose

zohara ummey hassan

Whom u want to love

Offer her a rose red

If she takes a gaze

Surely u will have a base!

With flowers she may have a quick disappear

Leaving u in thought and gloom

But be solemn in love, never fear

As because she has touched your rose bear.

If u meet with her after long

Ask her about the rose

What she did, thrown?

Or placed her hair song?

Nobody tells about love candid

You have to wait to fulfill

Surely u get her love sweet

As because she has touched your rose feel !

© Copyright 2018 zohara ummey hassan. All rights reserved.

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