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jenna is a young 15 year old who was kidnapped by "Bob" and taken away from her mother. she is reunited 1 year later, but at what cost??

Submitted: January 15, 2017

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Submitted: January 15, 2017



“Open it up!”


 “It doesn’t say who its from.”


 “Just open it it’s the last present.”


Even though Jenna’s mom knew she didn’t put the present there she allowed Jenna open it. As Jenna slowly pealed back the paper there was a small red button that said, “Push me”. As Jenna pushed the button it let out a slow beep and everything went white like snow.


“Jenna!? Jenna!?”


 As the dust settled and the fire was gone they searched endlessly for Jenna. The explosion destroyed the entire house along with all the presents for Christmas. What the hell happened and where is Jenna.

“I need my daughter,” her mother yelled.


“Mom? Mom?!”


As Jenna yelled for her mother she could tell that there was something over her face. Who has me? Who would do this?  I am so scared! I WANT MY MOM!!!


“How long has your daughter been missing Mrs. Homes?”


“About two days why does that matter? What does that have to do with the fact that she is still missing?!”


“We just have to know that because it needs to go into the report.”


“Okay so why are you sitting here making a report when you could be out there looking for her.”


“What do you want from me? Why did you take me?”


“Don’t worry Jenna I wont hurt you, but I am going to keep you away from your mother. Do you understand me?”


“Yes, but why? What did I do? Nothing! Then why are you kidnapping me?”


“Because, your mom is a bad person.”


“No she isn’t!”


As Jenna’s mom took looking for her daughter into her own hands she soon was all over the town looking for Jenna. Asking neighbors, posting flyers, and even going out of the small town in Alabama that she lived in to look for her. The hunt was on Ashley was going to find her daughter if Jenna didn’t find her first.


As Jenna tried to figure out were she was the man slowly removed the blind fold from Jenna’s face.


“Where are we she asked?”


“I can’t tell you that, you will figure it out.”


As they continued to drive Jenna recognized the man and knew whom he was, but she was to scared to say anything. She saw a sign a few miles later Welcome to Washington. Jenna knew that there was no way that she would ever see her mom again and that she’d most likely die. As her and the man she was going to call him Bob because she couldn’t remember his name. As Bob and I pulled in this long drive way I could see an old wooden house at the end of the driveway. I knew I would be here for the rest of my life so I might as well make the best of it. I knew how to get back my mom, but it was getting past him that would be hard. He had been “spying” on me at school for a while. I didn’t even know he had a house he looked homeless kind of like my dad. I knew that would be a long shot though say as I hadn’t seen him in 12 years and I was 15. As we opened the door of the old house it was surprisingly nice inside. Better than what I was expecting anyways. I would get home, but the question would be when. He showed me to my room and said supper would be ready at five. It must have been about 3:30 so she knew she had time for a nap. She knew he wouldn’t hurt her, but she just wanted her mom.


After about a month she was enrolled in school over there and she was making friends, but didn’t trust them to tell them her biggest secret. Maybe she would tell Jackson though. Jackson was her best friend and could probably help her get away, but she wasn’t sure if she wanted to try he might catch her and hurt her. For some reason he hated her mom. Her dad acted the same way, but momma always told me daddy was dead. That he died in a horrible car accident, but I doubt it they always fought. Maybe they got a divorce and didn’t tell me. Anyways it must have been about six months now and Bob was finally letting me go places. I had been to a couple of parties and sleepovers. I have never left town though even though he gave me every opportunity to. My 16 birthdays was coming up and asked if I could call my mom just to let her now that I was okay. He obviously told me no. That she was a horrible mother and didn’t deserve to know were I was. I was so mad so, I decided I was going to tell Jackson. I told him and he reacted not as I was expecting. He told me very calmly.


“Give me a date and we will get out of here”


I told him July 18 my 16th birthday. Okay Jen I have a plan. I told Bob that I wanted to have a party at the school, but he couldn’t come. He thought about it and said I was plenty old enough to have my first party.


This was it I was going home. My question was would I get there all in one piece? Would my mom even be there? Would she have done killed herself by now due to all the guilt of loosing me for so long, but I didn’t care. I was leavening and I was bringing Jackson with me.


The following weekend was my party and I told Bob that I was sleeping over at the school gym. All of us were, just to make sure no one got hurt trying to go home. I just hoped tat my plan would work. The day of the party came and I was incredibly nervous. I had packed very simple things toothbrush, clothes, deodorant, and some jewelry my mom had gotten me that Christmas.


  Everything was going fine. Jackson had picked me up and we were on our way to my old house. Soon though we saw a small red pickup driving behind us. It was Bob! As he sped up realizing that I was trying to escape. We ran into a cornfield and got away, but I knew he would be back. I just didn’t know how soon.


As Jackson and I are driving along we notice it. It was my old house with my moms old car still parked in the driveway. As I went to run inside Bob came. He had followed us all the way here. Jackson and I ran inside. I could barely be reunited with my mom before we had to start working together to barricade all the doors in the house.


“What’s going on Jenna?”


“That’s the man that took me almost four years ago he wants me back call 911!”


As the police arrived things got very ugly. The police took Bob away and soon came and told me I had to go to court. I was so scared to see him again the next day. What would I say? Could I lie and say he did nothing, so he wouldn’t hurt me? No! I had to get justice. So my mom Jackson and I went out shopping for some clothes. I was stuck to my moms side like glue I was not loosing her again.


I woke up the next morning very nervous. As I went down stairs my mom gave me something she said it was from my dad, so I opened it and read it. It was his suicide note. It read

 Dear Jenna and my beloved wife,

I am very sorry for the mess I am about to leave you with. I give you no explanation or reason. I just don’t want to be here anymore. I love you both and know that I will be watching over you.

Love, daddy/ Sylvester Homes


As I walked into the courtroom, he was there his dark brown hair and his big cheeks just like my dads. I couldn’t figure out why he looked so much like him. My dad was dead.


As they called him up there everyone’s mouths were wide open when they said…


“ And now we call Michael Homes to the stand.”

It was my dads’ twin brother. How could I not have thought of this?






By: zoie medine


© Copyright 2019 zoie may. All rights reserved.

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