Last grace entry three

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Same as the last two

Submitted: June 15, 2012

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Submitted: June 15, 2012




The raid is over...but the hell is just begining. We left for the raid, and got all we needed. But, on the way back, we discovered something horrible. The first thing Joseph and I noticed, was that there was fresh blood on the outside of the door. But, the door was closed. Joseph went down the hall to see if he could find anything, and I went in to our room to see what in the hell happened. The first thing i saw when I walked in the door was an infected corpse blocking the bathroom door. There were gun holes chipped into the wall, so an obvious gun battle had takin place. After making shure that the thing was really dead, I moved further into the room, and what I saw, will never leave my mind. There were about five other corpses littering the floor, all with bullet holes in their head. The next thing I noticed, was the half devioured bodies of the people in our group. All except one. It appears that they tried to make a last stand on the far north corner, but something caught them off guard. That's when i saw it. The body of the little girl...covered in blood and gore from bullet holes that littered her body.  Suddenly, John called my name, and I could've beat the best fourty yard track star. (except he is probally dead) Thats when I saw Mary, tucked in the corner of a janitor's closet. On the outside of the door, there were sighns of attempted forced entry. Thats when we heard them. What seemed like hundreds of infected in the stairway. So far, they hadn't noticed us, but that wouldn't last long if we stayed there. Mary wouldn't get up and walk, probably from shock. So John had to carry her. There was a fire escape on the west side of the building, so since the stairway was out of the question, and the electricty was out, that was the only way. John stayed with Mary, while I went back to our room to gather what we have enough food and water to last us for three days, and that's IF we manage, and use it properly, sixty nine millimeter rounds, so twenty apease, and fourty five rounds for the m-16.  Not much, but it would have to do. W quietly went over to the fire escape, and went out the long broken window. All was going well, untill Joseph tripped over a turned over trash can, and alerted the infected on the street. John was still carrying Mary, so he could only move so fast. But, luckly the infected didn't follow us far for some reason. I didn't tell Joseph, but I could've swore that I heard someone screaming "help us" from behind a window, but we were in a hurry. We ended up, going down into an old subway station, and after ten minutes, four heart attacks, and two dead infected later, we found an old room that held some sort of track cleaner machine. The door was thick, and strong, but we still put anything we could up aganst it. So thats where we are now. Mary is starting to come around, so I may ask her what happened later on. We are down to one days worth of water, and food, so we are going to have to find another source of protection, and supplies. Untill next time...

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