Lottie's Teeth

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A short zombie story about false teeth and finding truth.

Submitted: August 19, 2012

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Submitted: August 19, 2012



Lottie's teeth

By Zombie Joe

Text Copyright ©2012 Zombie Joe

All Rights Reserved

Lottie's birthday occurred the day before the apocalypse began. The day of her birthday was just like any other day. She had went for a walk in the park and messed around in her tiny garden for a while. Her husband did mumble a “Happy Birthday” to her toward the end of the day.

At seventy-one years old she was still slim and very active. Lottie's husband Frank was just the opposite. He seldom moved from his chair in the den, drinking beer and smoking an occasional cigar. Frank was older than her at eighty and had become very slow in his old age. They seldom spoke to each other anymore.

Lottie first met Frank at a church picnic on a beautiful spring day. She was just sixteen at the time and was wearing a new dress that her Mom had made for her. Her long reddish-brown hair contrasted perfectly with the color and floral pattern of her dress. When she was introduced to Frank, he was with another girl. Frank was a tall skinny guy with short brown hair and a slight limp. Lottie's mother told her that he had been injured while fighting in Korea. She couldn't help but notice that Frank kept looking at her instead of his date. She started to feel a little tingle every time he caught her eye.

Soon enough the other girl was forgotten. Frank and Lottie were married the very next spring at the very same church where they had met. It was another beautiful spring day. They bought a house and settled in to start a family. After having their daughter, Lottie found herself in a very happy place in her life. Things were great for years. Frank moved steadily up the ladder at the refinery where he worked. Their daughter Sadie was thriving and Lottie seemed to glow with happiness. Her and Frank were very close then. They were all happy. Then things changed abruptly.

Sadie had gone to the park on yet another beautiful spring day. The park was just three blocks from their little house. She never returned home. The police questioned everyone and looked everywhere, but she was never found. Beautiful spring days became a curse for Lottie.

Frank and Lottie quickly became distant. They both started drinking heavily. After a few years of this Lottie got some help to get sober. Frank just kept on drinking and getting meaner. It was clear that he blamed Lottie somewhat for Sadie's disappearance. When Lottie sobered up she started doing things to get back in shape. The years of drinking and a poor diet had aged her. Her teeth had gotten so bad that she'd had what was left of them pulled out. She had replaced them with a set of dentures. Lottie slowly got her body back in shape, but her heart still ached with loss.

On the day after Lottie's 71st birthday, she went for her daily walk through the park. In the back of her mind there was always a faint hope of finding some signs of Sadie. If she could somehow find out what happened to her then just maybe she could find some closure.

An apparently homeless guy at the park approached Lottie and abruptly attacked her. He just walked right up and bit her on her shoulder. The bite barely broke the skin and she pushed him hard enough to knock him down. Flight quickly trumped fight though, and Lottie ran as fast as she could. When she looked back, she saw that the guy had gotten up, but he was then heading in another direction toward some joggers. She slowed to a walk when she couldn't run anymore. She had dropped her cell phone in the scuffle, but did not want to go back for it.

Lottie had calmed down some and had decided to go on home and call the police from there. As she walked she heard sirens in the distance. The noise was coming from downtown. Then Lottie was relieved to see a friendly face coming toward her. It was her next door neighbor Henry. He would have a cell phone and would help her home. Henry was a life long bachelor who had moved in about a year before Sadie went missing. He had been very helpful to Frank and Lottie during their initial grief.

“Are you okay Lottie?”, Henry asked as the smile left his face.

Lottie explained what had happened to her in the park.

“Could you please walk me home and would you call the police for me Henry?”

“Of course Lottie,” he told her and they started walking the last two blocks to her house.

Along the way Henry tried several times to reach 911 on his phone. The line was busy every time. They could both hear the sirens now.

They arrived at her house and Henry helped her to a seat in the den. She explained to Frank about what had happened to her. His response was less than helpful.

“Good...you're far too old to be walking in the park alone anyway,” he said as he took a swig of his cheap beer and put his nose back into his newspaper.

At that moment Lottie noticed the images on the huge LED that Frank had installed on the wall last year. She grabbed the remote from Frank's lap and turned up the volume. Henry handed her a glass of water that he'd retrieved from the kitchen. They listened for a few minutes to reports of apparent rioting that was spreading out rapidly from most major cities in the country. Lottie tried again to call 911 using the land line, but all she got was the same busy signal.

Henry got up and said, ”I'm going to go home and keep trying to call from there. I'll come back and check on you later Lottie.”

Lottie nodded her head and mumbled a yes though her eyes were glued to the images of violence. She snapped out of it soon after Henry left though. She went into the bathroom to shower and clean the bite. When she inspected the wound she noticed that it really was more of a tiny scratch. It was pretty sore though and it looked like it might be getting infected. She felt slightly feverish and extremely tired.

After Lottie showered and dressed her wound, she went straight to bed. Her gums were sore, so she took her dentures out and put them on the nightstand. She was in a deep sleep before her pillow could settle.

A couple of hours later she woke to some yelling.

“What are you making for lunch?”, Frank hollered at her from the den.

Lottie woke up, but she felt stiff and her head felt all foggy. Her mouth was rough and dry like sandpaper. She tried to gather her thoughts as she slowly got up. As she heard Frank yell about food again, her stomach started to grumble loudly. It quickly turned into a burning need. Lottie swayed on her feet as she realized what she was craving. Thoughts of blood, flesh and brains flooded her rapidly failing mind.

By the time she attacked Frank only a tiny bit of her mind realized how wrong it was to want to eat him. In the struggle he fell out of his chair and cracked his forehead on the coffee table. He was still alive, but unconscious as Lottie fell on him to sate her hunger.

She greedily licked at the blood that oozed from his forehead. It tasted so good, but when she tried to bite him anywhere she became frustrated. Without her teeth all she could do was gum him. She moaned with hunger as she stood up. The bleeding had even stopped flowing from the small gash on his forehead.

Lottie had to concentrate real hard on her situation. Something was missing. She knew that she needed to do something if she wanted to eat. She wandered about the house for awhile until she reached the bedroom. Her now milky-white dead eyes spotted the set of teeth on the nightstand.

She still had a dim memory of what they were for as she reached for them. Lottie put her dentures in. They didn't feel quite right so she switched them around. At that moment the hunger grew more intense.

Blood poured from what was left of Frank's nose as she bit the tip of it right off. It tasted wonderful to Lottie as she chewed and swallowed Frank's flesh. She soon found that her jaws seemed to be getting stronger as she ate more of his soft tissue. She wanted something more though.

“Brains,” she muttered as she started to gnaw on his forehead.

After several minutes of biting she finally cracked his skull open enough to begin pulling pieces of brain tissue out of the hole that she was creating with her teeth. Her first taste of Frank's brains sent waves of ecstasy throughout her body. This was what she really craved.

Something else was happening in her mind though, as she lapped up the gray matter. She started to see images and scenes of their life together from Frank's point of view. Every mouthful of brains brought forth more of these images. What was left of Lottie's mind could still remember and be saddened at the scenes that involved Sadie. They were all so happy then. If only things had been different. She found that she craved the images as much as the brains. The memories made her feel alive in some way.

Lottie heard a gasp from behind her while she was trying to scoop out the last of Frank's brains. When she looked around she saw that it was Henry with his eyes wide open and his hand over his mouth. He had returned to check on her as he'd promised.

She was on him before he could say anything. He tried to fight back at first, but her strength had increased from her previous grisly meal. Once she had him down she began to gnaw on his forehead as she'd done to Frank. As she ate the first bite of Henry's brains, images again exploded in her dim mind.

She paused as scenes involving Sadie began to manifest in her mind. From Henry's point of view she saw him watching Sadie. As Lottie ate more the scenes started to change from Henry watching Sadie to Henry doing other things to her. Lottie was still conscious enough to be filled with hatred at what she was seeing.

Henry was torturing Sadie. Lottie could even weep some at the scenes of him ultimately killing Sadie with a big hunting knife. It was Henry who had taken Sadie from them.

Lottie finally knew what happened to Sadie on that beautiful spring day. She stood up and looked down at what was left of Henry, having lost the taste for his brains. Soon the hatred turned into something like satisfaction. Lottie had finally found closure.

She noticed that Henry had left the front door open. Lottie stepped out into the afternoon sunshine in search of more brains. Hopefully she would find brains with better memories to enjoy.

It was a beautiful spring day.

The End

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