Shes so amazing

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This is a short story of how a high school boy falls in love for the first time.

Submitted: July 27, 2011

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Submitted: July 27, 2011



Hey my names Quinton. Im 15, If your wondering what I look like Im muscled out Im very tall, tan, and I have dark brown shaggy hair.

Well I first seen her on my first day of high school. She was completely gorgeous and no one can argue with that. She was medium heigth had blonde hair amazing deep blue eyes and an unbelievable body. She had a great sense of style or just anything she wore looked great on her to me. I kinda thought to myself is she a model?

Well I took a seat next to my best friend Camron right before the bell rang she walked in and took the only seat open which was next to me, and I couldnt help but to keep glancing over at her. Since it was the first day of school the teacher made everyone in the room stand up and say something about themselves when it came to her turn she said "Well my names April I just moved here to Florida with my aunt and I have'nt met any friends yet so yeah im kinda a loser." then as she started to sit back down she laughed at herself as did everyone else along with her. Then it was my turn I stood up and said "My names Quinton and I know most of you from middle school, and then i looked over towards her and said but Im looking forward to making new friends." and laughed as she smiled politely at me as I thought "She has such an beautiful smile". Then interupting my thoughts Camron whispers " The new chick is sexy" laughing quietly and then I turn and nod in agreement.

As the teacher dismissed us from first period I was walking to my locker and seen my long time friend Bekah (She is like my sister) Bekah is very short with long black hair and light brown eyes. As Camron, Bekah, and I were walking to second period Alegebra worst subject ever! haha I noticed April walking into the same room as us and before the bell rang Bekah noticed her and told her to come sit with us. April walked over and took a seat at our table next to Bekah and introduced herself to herself to Bekah and before second bell had even come to a end those two seemed like theyve known eachother for years. They exchanged numbers. Then we were all asking her what she liked to do and she laughed called herself a nerd and explained how she liked playing xbox 360. We all laughed too because we had all played too and we all had xbox live accounts and exchanged them . Then later after second period me and Camron were talking in the hallway about her because we couldnt believe a girl that looked like that would be into video games. We both figured that she would have been a major prep cheerleader or something. Then it was time for lunch and I seen Bekah, Camron, and April walk into the cafeteria and wave at them to come sit at our usual table. Then we all start talking about random stuff like our favorite bands, tv shows, movies. Then Bekah tells April that she already knows of a few guys that have a crush on her. As Bekah pointing out guys around the cafeteria. April just starts laughing at them and says they all look like stupid jocks and all of us start to laugh with her. And she looks at me with a serious face and says " You have such a great smile" and then I get really shy all of sudden and she smiles at me. Then think to myself yep I one of the guys that has a crush on her. After school we all exchange numbers. Later that day at home I was going outside to check the mail when I noticed someone walking and then quickly realized it was April! I waved at her and she walked over and was OMG you live in my neighbor how awesome is that? Thens starts laughing and i invite her in. Then as we were walking in I introduced her to my parents and we head up to my room. As shes sitting on my bed she goes through my ipod and sings along with the songs she knows and I just start laughing at her cuteness. Then she notices my xbox and she poitns at me and says " I challenge you to MW2 sir!" and starts laughing and I agree. Then she goes "by the way one rule , the winner gets a kiss" and smiles. I quickly start to feel myself getting shy and nervous around her. After I beat her in the game she acts like shes mad jokingly. And then she goes "Well heres your grand prize.." Then she starts to lean over and grabs my neck and begins to kiss me softly and then its gets pretty intense cause I put my hands around her back and lie down on the floor while shes on top of me still making out. I remember thinking it was the best kiss I ever had. Then a ringtone interupts us as she pulls out her cell looks at it and she says "its my aunt I probably have to go home for dinner Im sorry." Then I go "Its ok not your fault" and smile. i ask her if she would want me to walk her home and she smiles and says sure as im standing outside her front door out of nowhere she hugs me and says "Thanks I had a great time I hope we can hang out again soon". As she starts to open the door I grab her hand and kiss her again and say " your welcome and come over anytime". She smiles and walks inside. Then as Im laying in bed that night I cant stop thinking about her and I feel like im in love.

The next day at school when I walk into my first class she is already in her spot next to me  and I smile to myself. I think as Im walking around to my seat how beautiful she looks. As I sat down She smiles and says "Good morning sunshine" jokingly. I cant help but to find myself laughing at her cuteness again. Then Camron shows up late but Im not really surprised and laugh to myself. He looks at me and says "sup dude"  and then at April " Hows it going new girl?" . She just laughs at him and replies with " Ive been great since yesterday" then she turns and smiles at me. Then Camron looks at both of us and whispers to me " whats that supposed to mean?" . I laugh and told him everything that happened between me and April and goes " You lucky bastard " and then we both start laughing. Then after first period Bekah walks up to me in the hall and she is just smiling at me and I ask " what?" She replies with " You should go out with her!" I say "How did you know i like her?" She just looks at me surprised and goes "its too obvious idiot!, and plus i was texting her last night and she really likes you too."  Then I start blushing and thought "Wow she really likes me?" and then i ask bekah as walking to our next class everything April said about me. Bekah Says " Well she thinks your really hot, and she knows she just met you but she feels like she has an incredible connection with you and also she said yesterday was the best kiss she ever had" then Bekah pats me on the back and says " good job" and smiles. Then I smile too not cause of what Bekah told me but because I realized I get to see April in my next class.

Later after school I walk to April's and just as Im about to knock on the door she steps out and says " Hey! I was just about to go to your house" Then laughs. I laugh too and reply with " Oh really? Well I wanted to invite you over to watch a movie with me". She says " Sounds awesome lets go!"  So we get to my house and head up to my room adn start the movie but the whole time I was paying attention to it I was to captivated by her. I found start to think what she was thinking and her thoughts of me... "are they good?" She looks over and says "huh?" and laughs.Then I get shy and say " nevermind I dont know" and laugh. Then she reaches over and holds my hand and puts her head on my chest. Then I finally get enough courage to ask " Will you be my girlfriend?" she looks at me surprised and replies " of course I will" . She leans in and kisses me slowly but it practically felt like we were kissing the whole movie. After the movie ended i walked her home and told her goodnight. Then while sleeping I dreamed of her.

Two years later April and I are still going strong. We are together everyday. But tonight I cant sleep i keep thinking about her so I walk to her house and knock on her window. I seen her turn on a light and she sees me and smiles and lets me in. I ask her " Can I sleep here with you tonight?" and she replies" Of course" and laughs quietly. We sit on her bed together and she sits in my lap facing me and she puts her arms around my shoulders and we start making out and I begin to take off her shirt and I just stop and say "I want to make this better than just making love again" She stops and smiles, hugs me and starts to say something but I dont pay attention cause I think to myself and say This is going be the woman I marry and then I kiss her. And say "Your amazing I love you" and she then replies "You took the words right out of my mouth" and smiles and we fall asleep in eachothers arms. 



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