Cleaning Out The Bottom Drawer

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all the random stuff I found...

Submitted: August 25, 2012

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Submitted: August 25, 2012




today I was cleaning out my bottom drawer

which is where I keep my odds and ends

so many forgotten treasures…

among many other things, I found


a whole lot of pencils and one pen

a packet of sparklers

little bottles of frankincense and myrrh

my school book from kindergarten


stamps, postcards

letters from my father to my mother while he was on a work trip

(he refers to me as the munchkin)

one sock from my lucky pair

(red and white striped with the Cat-in-the-Hat on them)

birthday cards


a bar of soap

my father's year 10 report

many stickers and badges

a newspaper article

'Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth'

a watch (broken)

an electronic bug that goes round and round in circles

a silver chain

one ink cartridge, dark blue

a water pistol, not loaded

yellow cockatoo feathers


a clay necklace, made by my mother for my birthday

lip balm

drumsticks (not of the edible kind)

quite a few chocolate wrappers

some sticks

and some stakes, for vampires

my sheath, made from furry cloth

(I used to keep a wooden sword in it)

a tiny painting canvas


some long iron nails


rubber bands

a fragment of mirror in which an unforgettable memory lies

a telescope the length of my pinky finger

a pottery shard from a cup which my father dropped

a Tamogotchi-like device

shoelaces (black)

a temporary tattoo of Davy Jones's locker key

and 25 cents.


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