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My dad just likes writing random stuff like 'I love you' in the middle of my Mum's shopping lists, and one day I saw a line that seemed to state, thanks to my dad, 'iloveyoubananas'. I've loved that idea for ages; thought it would make a great book title, but in the meantime I'm writing a poem.

Submitted: August 16, 2012

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Submitted: August 16, 2012




I've got a green pen in my right hand

Ready to pour out my emotions

The green pen is quite full of green ink

To jot down my 'I love you' notions


But the thing is about this

I can't find a way to say this saga

So I'll settle for messing with the shopping list

And writing 'iloveyoubananas'


I'm not actually serenading fruit here

I'm talking how I love you so much

But I squeezed it above the word 'bananas'

That's why the situation's as such


So I'm saying 'iloveyoubananas'

Partly to show you my affection, and partly

To mess with your poor logic circuits

Make you purse your lips at me tartly


I'm writing 'iloveyoubananas'

Boldly, so you'll see it there

I'm not sure you can buy this in any store

'Iloveyoubananas' are rare


So enfold me tight in your arms

Cause I love you bananas my dear

And I'm not afraid to show it

I'll whisper it right in your ear


Just know that I love you bananas

Whenever you're feeling quite down

Just remember it's an excuse to make banana cake

When the banana skins go brown


I can see you've just read my little note

On your shopping list, squished into a line

I hope that it cheers you up in a long queue

When you're queuing when shopping for wine


Just know that I love you bananas

Which means that I love you a lot

And remember when buying bananas

That love cannot be bought.



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