Imagining Mint And Chocolate

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True story... moment... whatchacallit...

Submitted: August 11, 2012

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Submitted: August 11, 2012



 Imagining Mint And Chocolate


I remember the sky being so blue. I remember the cold feeling of the stone steps, and I remember as always, having that hyper, jittery feeling, that hysteria rising in my throat. I  remember that I was eating Mentos, and you were eating a Snickers bar, and I thought that if I kissed you there and then, I would taste mint and chocolate in my mouth.

I remember the heat in my cheeks, imagining mint and chocolate; I remember the butterflies in my stomach.

I remember thinking that that was such a weird expression; butterflies in my stomach. It's more like having your stomach turned inside-out like a plastic bag, but in a good way.

Butterflies in my stomach: the best vertigo in the world.

I'll always remember that day. I'll remember how you laughed at me, kindly, when I stumbled on the steps; I'll remember how I laughed too, because I couldn't help it.

And the thing I'll remember most is this: I didn't kiss you. I didn't tell you. I said goodbye, and I went home.



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