My Loony Dream

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Hello, this is a dream that I had and it was so weird that I decided to write it down.
Bear in mind that it might not really be a great story or whatever because I've written it down exactly how I dreamed it.

*Note: I couldn't remember the name of the bad guy in my dream but I figured he had to have a name so I called him Dave. Sorry, Daves of the world.

Submitted: August 04, 2012

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Submitted: August 04, 2012




Professor Reginald was invited to Dave's house (Dave was a fellow scientist) along with a few other random fellows and one gal, in order to share research and blah.

A few days after they arrived, one of the fellow scientists, called Crackle, was poking around Dave's stuff. Dave became very angry and told Crackle not to touch his stuff ever again, which was slightly suspicious as they had been invited to share research in the first place. That night Crackle disappeared. The others (except Dave, who maintained he had gotten sick and decided to go home) pondered this but Professor Reginald noticed that he was the only one who seemed worried about the missing fella.

Professor Reginald then became romantically entangled with the one gal scientist, who was called Anastasia and was astonishingly pretty.

Professor Reginald was very confused about Anastasia's feelings for him, as she would appear to be in love with him during the night, and then ignore him during the day.

("Women!" remarked Professor Reginald.)

One night Professor Reginald decided to further investigate Crackle's disappearance; he searched among the sciency papers and strange objects that Crackle had been looking at. Before he could discover any clues, Dave found him. He picked up Professor Reginald by the collar and dragged him out of the house.

Professor Reginald was sure that Dave was going to take him to his car and order him to leave, but instead Dave took him down to the forest surrounding his mansion, and deposited him in a large and carefully hidden cage. There was also a large dark lump in the cage.

"Who's there?" asked the lump timidly.

(The lump turned out to be Crackle.)

Crackle and Professor Reginald compared figurative notes, but they couldn't figure out what was going on.

As the sun came up after a cold and uncomfortable night, a dark figure dressed entirely in black, leading two black horses which were pulling a black carriage, came up to the cage and unlocked it.

The coachman pulled Crackle and Professor Reginald out of the cage and forced them into the carriage, behind a heavy black piece of cloth which made the space quite cramped. The windows of the carriage had also been blacked out so it was very dark once the door was closed.

Professor Reginald and Crackle braced themselves as the horses began to gallop and the carriage rocked wildly. Suddenly Professor Reginald noticed that the black cloth in front of them was swirling with gold dust. Before he had time to wonder about this, he and Crackle felt a tug at their bodies, and they both passed out.

When they woke up, they appeared to be floating in a strange black space. They could just make out each other, but nothing else; it was as if they were in black water, but they were not very cold, or wet, so it couldn't be water.

After a little while, they felt a tug at their bodies and they were inside the cage again.

As they sat up, they noticed that Anastasia was now in the cage too.

"Were you poking around too?" asked Professor Reginald, but she ignored him, even though it was night-time (Professor Reginald assumed that this was because Crackle was there).

Professor Reginald decided that he had to get back inside the carriage and figure out what it was for and why Dave was hiding it (he was now pretty certain that he had been locked up for finding the plans for this invention); he discussed this with Crackle but not with Anastasia as she had never been inside the carriage before, and plus she was ignoring him.

They somehow got the cage open, and the two snuck out and found the carriage.

They whispered together, trying to decide what to do. As the coachman had not been in the strange floaty darkness with them, Professor Reginald concluded that only the people behind the black curtain would feel the effects of the invention, so Crackle got inside, and then he cracked the whip to get the horses moving and flung himself inside the carriage.

When he was inside, he found a pot of strange gold stuff on the other side of the black curtain, which he assumed was the gold dust that he had seen before. They got back behind the curtain and smeared it on, but nothing happened.

By this time, they could hear Dave and the coachman running behind them shouting, "Stop! Thief!" so they figured they had better hurry up.

"Maybe the gold stuff has to be on the other side of the curtain, where the coachman was," mused Professor Reginald. He reapplied the gold stuff to the other side, and immediately Crackle cried out, "It's swirling!"

Professor Reginald quickly got back behind the curtain; they again felt a tug at their bodies, and passed out.

This time when they woke up, they were in a forest; everything appeared to be purple, except for the tree trunks, which were green, and a small magpie-like black-and-white bird. They dusted themselves off and looked around.

There was a large white sign on the biggest tree, which said, "VISION" in purple letters.

Somehow they both knew that this was the name of the place.

Professor Reginald said, "Excuse me? Do you know where we are?" to the bird, but it just went "tweet, tweet" at them and flew away.

"Are you mad? Talking to birds?" asked Crackle.

"It was worth a try," replied Professor Reginald. "I think that Dave has built a reality converter, and if we are in a different reality then animals may well be able to speak."

"I believe that different realities are impossible!" Crackle snorted.

"My dear fellow, the more you believe the less you will find out!" Professor Reginald laughed.

They looked around a bit more at the strange purple forest, then they felt the familiar tug, and were back on the grass beside Dave's house.


And then my Dad woke me up. Silly fella. Oh well.




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