Safely Into Spring

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winter is almost over :D

Submitted: August 24, 2012

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Submitted: August 24, 2012




last week it poured and

the rain smelled of Summer and

that's when I knew that Winter was failing was



all the way along the

cold months we've been chugging slowly



I'm thinking


no more

fires in the evening

fires in the morning

no more getting out of bed and it's 3 degrees Celsius

no more huddling by the poolside

no more gloves and no more

throwing our breath into the air like frost dragons


no more

my little brother making me hot chocolate

no more coats and no more scarves

no more shivers when it starts getting around to 4 o'clock

no more

stargazing and you can only stay out for five minutes because your nose is frozen

no more blue skies cold as ice


Spring's already heating up the weather

soon we'll be creeping into Summer

we'll have grey clouds full of rain

that smells of Summer

we'll have popsicles and five minutes later we're hot again and jumping in the pool

we'll have fresh watermelon and my

brother and I will eat 14 slices between us

we'll have nights choked and stifled

sheets dark with sweat and the mosquitos waiting in the shadows

we'll have sitting up by the dam and listening to the frogs and you can't make a sound or they'll stop croaking

we'll have shorts, t-shirts and bare feet crusted with dirt and calloused from picking our way down the pebbles

my little brother will have to take swimming lessons again and he'll complain and smell like chlorine

and my friend will quit and I'll miss her like hell

and we'll leave chocolate in the car and it'll melt into liquid

and we'll have a rain-dance after 6 dry days where the whole sky crackles

we'll watch movies sweltering and we'll have to turn the projector off because the heat might roast the circuits

we'll snap at each other because the hot makes us cranky and it'll be nice to wash the car because we can have a water fight

and my brother will squirt me with the hose and my hair will grow longer down my back

I'll finish my first song on the guitar

and as we roll into next year I'll have to pick up all my French verbs


I'm thinking

we chugged along through Winter like an old tug boat on the river

and now we're pulling safely into Spring.



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