Thanking Glass-girl

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Just something I needed to get off my chest...not..literally... just about what happens when you bounce back but all bent out of shape. True story peeps, so don't laugh.

Submitted: January 05, 2012

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Submitted: January 05, 2012



These things

I hide in stones

And even I won’t write

So I can tell the most convincing lie


Oh, child

Of sea, of glass, of candlelight

You are kindling these

Broken shadows where I crouch


I never lied to any friend

Except that girl who was a forest fire

I sent those whispers

Through another mouth

Whose honor I now defend in here


Waiting on the concrete floor

The slips of dream and memory

The famous one in a dark red coat

And you, leaning over me as the sky went bright and blue

I’ve come so far

Held this in here and no one knows

They would be afraid


The running girl I never named

A rat in a bright collar

And a golden glove

As my brother slid into the backseat of the car


I see

A kindred spirit in your glass

But you will never know, I think

Fingers on bark and

Bright, bright smile


I’ve come so far

And all I have to show is

They left me anyway

And a song on replay

By Coldplay


I wonder if my chance’ll ever come

And if I’m stuck in square one.

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