T/C boy

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Its about 2 kids who are trying to become popular in school. With their two rivals standing against them!

The Author:Richard.Wilson.

Submitted: June 27, 2011

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Submitted: June 27, 2011



~T/C boy~

Once upon a time a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L- Beautiful, the secret seven ......oops! The secret two i mean...duh! Oh, wait! First our names.My name is Terra boy (t/c)but my real name is Richard! Yay me.And my classmate’s name is Catro boy(t/c)and his real name is sahil. Haha,i know lame super hero names, we could’nt think of any better ones.Alright.Tatatatatata..super hero starting!!haha.

Chapter- 1 The adventure of T/C boys.

The class! Our biggest enemy. And our main enemies , Brad, Josh.......Justin Beiber!!!!haha LOL!!:D. One day we had a class competition for a science exhibition. So, when the science project started, Our idea was to make a , wait, wait, wait, wait. Lets tell it like Dofenshmirtz! “Behold the hit ‘o’ nator 2000”. Brad and Josh kept on thinking what to make!! They got scared like pussies and started to copy.

Chapter- 2 The copy cats. They finally got a nerd’s idea. The nerds name was Brandon Alexander the Great! His project was a Patsy 20000. It can turn anything into gold, Mr.Jo our principal we tried to surprise him. By that time Brad and Josh went to the science lab were all the projects were kept. And Brad always carries his water bottle around his neck!!baby!!!!haha. He kept the water bottle on the patsy 20000 ,by mistake and it turned water into gold! So, what does that make it WATER+GOLD=goldwater!!!!hahahahah. And it was flowing into the boys toilet and the boys were so ........happyyyyy!!!! Whatt???Who would be happy when they see a snake coming towards them or its really gold+water coming towards them. But still c’mon would’nt u guys get scared if something was flowing towards you!!!! Well I do! When water flows towards me. Anyway, while everyone was happy, i was not....even Sahil was not. So, we told “T/C boy to our own rescue”.

Chapter- 3 How we stopped the gold+water thing!

When we said “T/C boy to our own rescue” Brad and Josh came out of the lab like nothing happened, then they tried to stop it and tried to become a hero. Even we tried to stop it and become heroes, we ran off to stop it and I saw Mr.Jo lying on the gold+water thing, he was telling if this school would be filled with gold like this but everywhere!!and u had to see my face, Sahil slaped me and told concentrate. Then he said i’ve got a plan!!! Why don’t we kick the gold+water thing everywhere,we...we...we..we’ll be a herooo!!!!!yaaayyyyy! So, we started kicking it everywhere and after some time it started to get dry! We needed more!!so we ran off to the lab!!! We saw the patsy 20000 and Sahil thought that the machine turns anything into gold so it made water into gold!!thats it ... He poured water on it and “boom” the gold+water thing started to flow and exactly then came in our rivals again, they trapped us inside and called everyone from outside even Mr.Jo. And then they said look what they have done they made the school into something!!!! They told that because they tried to escape...!

Chapter- 4 The Blame.

All the guys were so happy !!Brad & Josh were shocked...they said “what is wrong with you guys!!! They did not mind them and told you guys are awesome!!!

Chapter-5 We were awesome!!

All the kids told, you guys look what Sahil and Richard has done, I mean they made the school’s colour Gold!!!!!awesome!! Lets name our school st.charles elementary gold school.! Yipeeee!said Mr.jo like a cheerleader!!!!And everyone was laughing so much i had to stop writing.......thank you!

Written By:Richard.wilson& Sahil Hassen.


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