T/c boys- book 2

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Richard the author explains a funny dream. By his rivals.

Submitted: July 05, 2011

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Submitted: July 05, 2011




T/C boys- book 2



Once upon a time.......when me Richard was sleeping,\"sleeping\" (that’s not me)he was dreaming that he was falling from the tallest building in the world! haha! And do u know how he was falling??you read the first chapter right??we were always trying to be heroes!! So i was making a big climax when i was falling.

\"bedfall\" and how if fell down.

I was fighting with Brad and Josh for the patsy 20000. And i wrote my insignia on Brad and my sword got stuck on Brad’s shirt,  i didn’t know how to tear clothes!!\"insignia\". I by mistake i wrote an arrow on his shirt and .................he died!!haha! so i thought i finished my job and walked to the lift..and while i was walking to the lift Josh had become the hulk\"mini.....HUH??(its a dream!)he caught me and threw me outside the building\"the\".\"my  The building was having 70 floors. And pheeewwww!boom!..There i was on the floor!\"boom\"haha.



The end of book 2

The Author :Richard Wilson.


And don’t forget:

Do things the bond way!boom!


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T/c boys- book 2

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