Glass Slippers, Smoke and Mirrors

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A poem written for the one that's getting away even as i'm writing.

Submitted: December 15, 2011

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Submitted: December 15, 2011




Glass Slippers Smoke & Mirrors

These words are for no one but you.

You'r always walking like your wearing glass slippers, in a rush to find some genie in a lamp. Trying to mail something to your prince but can't seem to find the stamp.

Seem to be in some sort of stupor, breathing all too easily in a sleeping bliss. Tell me, would wake up from your slumber with just a kiss? 

Promiscuous promises and harmless harmonies all swept away in the currents of time and all to distant space that stretches for light years. In this black she is and always will be the one north star. Or atleast i thought until i realized she was forever falling to earth. I fell for a shooting star and all i could do was wish.

Her hair is a soft silk, smelling of soft and fruitful perfume. Her face.....Carved by the gods. She is my angel but she is not perfect, rather she is also my demon. She's lost and afraid. Above all alone. Searching her heart and mind for something she already has but hasn't been madeaware of.

I try oh dear god i try to enlighten her of this but you can only lead one to water. She know's this somewhere to be true though It seems fate would rather have us segregated but just know iv'e attempted time after time to gain your recollection and favor through the passion lit in my chest but you would rather fill your grail and sip from mortality.

There is no end to it and you will not survive. You will die, your angelic body cold and shattered when your broken heart stops beating. The worst part is our hearts are synchronized. I feel what you feel and die likewise. 

Sometimes i really do mistake her for an ancestor of the heavens and when we touch or I accidentally look into those hazel eyes shining like a burning beacon I go numb. I...i completely forget myself.

Something clicks and i'm myself again like all those years ago when i had an idea of who i was. She's my drug, my seductive addiction. I think she may be simply scared of any real commitment as if someone might try to ensnare her in some concocted web of mischief.

You have no idea, do you? Of course not. Youv'e never had a clue. You never asked. You never listened but i did. Which is why i know you better than you know me or yourself. You don't have the time nor the space in your heart for me. You have painful scars and majestic wings but that seems to be it. Your indecisive, clueless, inconsiderate and demanding. But i love you all the same. 

There it's been said. . . for the very first time. Probably doesn't change much in your mind but then again circumstances never seem to fit the glove. 

fear i cannot keep her by my side. Could i bare the loss when she's the well of strength iv'e been tapping into? Maybe...But when you love let them go......and if they come back....then their yours.....but what happens when they come back.......and leave again? 


A poem for K, Brooke. My favorite author. 

All i have today are memories of the days we sat.

Remember when you didn't want to ruin your shoes so i carried you on my back?

I laughed when i remembered you said you liked em black. 

Remember when we fought over the music or when we danced that first night?

Or the night we walked through the park shining so bright. 

Remember when i carried you through the loft and placed you on pillows almost too soft. You whispered into my ear 'I can't believe." 

Oh wait. . . That one was just a dream.




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