Reading My fate

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Submitted: July 21, 2008

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Submitted: July 21, 2008



I was standing against the wall with my friend, at the party, discussing something when a young lady passed by us and as she glanced our way, she flashed a quick smile. My friend gave a low whistle as soon as she was out of hearing distance and began to talk about her; about how beautiful she was and began exaggerating her features. His tone had a touch of recitation.


Then the host of the party announced the time to dance. Each man approached a lady, my friend among them, and offering her a hand, asked her to dance. The ladies blushed and their cheeks turned red (although that was hard to notice, due to the excess of make-up) and they would shyly put a hand in the man’s hand as they accepted the dance. Then the couple would walk to the dance floor together. Typical.


Soon, everyone was dancing, gazing into their partners’ eyes with slight smiles fixed on their faces. I was alone. And, not surprisingly, so was the young lady that had passed us earlier. Of course, we were the main couple of the evening and I knew it.


I decided to ignore her. I couldn’t believe that she was the one that I had waited for all these years. She sat there, on her chair, her eyes fixed on the dance, with a face that showed that she also wanted to join the dance. But she had no partner. I was the only man unoccupied, and I had chosen to ignore her.


A few moments passed and I decided to forgive the lady (for the sin of being the only lady that was not dancing) and I approached her with my lines well revised.


“May I have this dance, ma’am?” I asked her as I offered her a hand.


She looked at me and must have blushed (It was hard to know, she had so much make-up on) and put her hand in mine. With an artificial smile, I led her to the dance floor.


One hand still in mine, she put the other on my arm, just by the shoulder. I put my free hand on her waist and we began to dance to the melody of the music; what you will call, a romantic time.


Soon enough the music changed and so did everyone’s dancing position. My hands now rested at her waist while hers on my shoulders. Now there was nothing but to stare in her eyes fixedly.

Time passed and we moved closer and closer. Now her hands were behind my neck, and mine behind her waist. Our faces were just an inches away. I knew it was time for a little chat. After a well-learned romantic speech, by me of course, it was the time for thing that was assigned upon us; The Big Thing. I pulled her close, and, unwillingly brushed my lips against her. I hoped that would be enough. But curse the lady, she pulled my head closer and jammed her lips to mine. We stood like this for a whole minute (the worst time of my life) and after that, well, you know the story.


In the next few months, we were married and we lived not so happily ever after. Anyway, I didn’t. But fate has it and my life has to move on as it is written in my fate.


This is the story about a man who had read his fate. He found out what was going to happen to him, and because he believed that whatever is written in our fate HAS to happen, he spent his life like that.


And he spent it in misery; his life lost all the excitement; all the emotions, it was no better than that of a robot.


And was this, what was written in his fate? No.


His fate only showed him the road of his life. It didn’t tell him what he was going to encounter, what things he will meet, or what type of journey he would have: a bumpy ride or a smooth flow? These things were up to the man. He was in control of his ride, not his fate. His fate must have told him that the lady who will not be dancing will be his wife. Maybe, it meant another dance and another lady.


I wrote this story in response to all those people who want to know what has been written in their fate. So they would know their future.


People, wake up! You are in control of your life and what happens to you is because of your own deeds, not fate. Please, try to understand this…


And by the way, you should feel sorry. A thirteen year old realized this and you didn’t…

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