Allegory of the thing

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Submitted: December 26, 2011

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Submitted: December 26, 2011




It's like that. Imagine you've just learned to fly...and the happiness of the shoreless possibilities whispers that nothing is impossible.

You see the beauty now, the beauty of the wholeness, the beauty of freedom, the beauty of full joy. And it goes like that. Click (click, click actually).

They were cut off. Oh, you know by who. At least I hope you'll undesrtand if you don't know yet. And you're back on earth. And you don't know why it was so abrupt. And people are grey again.

It's interesting how up there everything seems yellow... yes yellow not pink because yellow the colour of joy and upliftedness. So after a quick moment/night I give you a week at most (otherwise it's pathetic) of otherwise profound pain you feel a little bit embarrassed, confused and ashamed.

They can see that your wings are cut. That's why you try to cover them- sometimes you wear a beautiful dress, but with a coat, always with a coat. Otherwise they (or what remained of them) can be noticed. Sometimes you just want to put a sweatshirt and another clothing, and another one, just to forget. But they still scratch (or what remained of them).

You hide and you hide, not for the sake of the ugliness of the thing, on the contrary- pride is a powerful weapon, the most powerful one dealing with these matters. And then you have to go home, take that shower and stare at that mirror...this time you are naked, since only then you can confess your pain, undisturbed. Of course the whole time you're staring at your back, where they used to be and where their remains are now. Under the white/red colours you can still feel a hint of the passed beauty and blissfullness amongst the pain.

And yes, it's embarassing, and painfull and unpleasant but the scariest thing is that it is profound. But after a while, when you learn to see the beauty from down below again the yellow will appear somewhere in the crowd and you'll know that this time it's for good.

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