Paco the bronze edtion(25th story)

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This is the 25th story in the Paco Saga. It is an extended story compared to the others.....enjoy. No I am not racist.

Submitted: December 29, 2009

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Submitted: December 29, 2009



Paco decides to go to San Fransisco with all of his friends and enimies. Paco calls: Old Man, The Magical Telemarketer, The Lone Stranger, Fred, George, Willie Nelson, Bob Saget, Oprah, The Male Nurse, BArrock Obama, and, Abraham Lincoln. They all agree and rent a bus.

They head to San Fransico with Willie Nelson driving. "Are we there yet?" asks George. Paco slaps him. Fred tackles Paco and slaps him until he cries. The Magical Telemarketer throws a Day that Never Comes card at Fred. Old Man throws an Unforgiven 2 card at The Magical Telemarketer. The Lone Stranger hits Old Man in the head with a shovel. The Male Nurse humps his leg. Bob Saget shoots the Male Nurse and he dies. Oprah drop kicks Paco in the wrists and he crys. Obama throws Oprah out the window and she dies. Abraham Lincol falls out the bus for no reason and dies. "Thats enough!", exclaims Willie. "I will turn this thing around" They all sit down and keep quiet for a few hours.

They stop at a gas station for a break. Paco goes to the refriderator and exclaims "Sunny D!" Old Man shoots him in the finger. Paco gives his poker face. George kicks Old Man and runs. Paco throws a tortilla at Geroge and he dies. Fred charges at him. Paco stabs him with his Star Wars dictionary and he dies. Paco, Old Man, The Magical Telemarketer, The Lone Stranger, and Willie Nelson decide the don't like Barrock Obama and Bob Saget. They gang up and kill Bob Saget. They come after Obama. "This because I'm black", says Obama. Paco shoots him and he dies. "Lets get back on the bus", says Willie.

A few hours later they reach San Fransisco. "Why are those men holding hands?", asks Paco. They kill them. Old Man shoots The Magical Telemarketer and he dies. The Lone Stranger swings his shovel, misses and hits Paco, knocking him out. Wille stabs The Lone Stranger and he dies. Old Man steals Paco's dictionary and slaps Willie with it until he dies. Paco throws a tortilla at Old Man and he dies of tetnis. The bus explodes. Paco crys. 

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