Paco's Revenge

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This is the eleventh story in the Paco Saga. Yes Paco makes his big return. If you haven't read the previous stories please do.

Submitted: September 26, 2009

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Submitted: September 26, 2009



It has been four years since Paco died. Old Man thinks he has put Paco away. Old Man is driving when a tortilla crashes through his windshield and Old Man goes into the ditch. Paco runs over and slaps Old Man until he crys and takes him hostage.

Paco takes Old Man to his house. His mom is back. When he opens the door his mom shoots him in the face. Paco throws a tortilla at his mom and she dies. Paco gives his poker face and crys. Old Man runs away.

Old Man is running and trips over a wiener dog. Paco is tired of running and decides to stop at a gas station. He opens the fridge and exclaims,"Sunny D!" He chugs down the Sunny D. "You need to pay for that", says the gas station lady. Paco throwsa tortilla at her and runs. She shoots him with her shotgun. Paco goes to the hospital. He gets up, stabs the nuse with is dictionary, and walks out.

Paco sees Old Man walking down the street. He runs over and beats him with a dictionary until he dies. It was acctually country legend Willie Nelson. Old Man stabs Paco in the back and pulls him into the dark alley. "I have you now. Paco shoots Old Man and he dies.

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