Saiba Knights

Saiba Knights Saiba Knights

Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction



Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction



A Manga in the process written by myself and a friend of mine...You'll have to read it to find out, it's complicated, but it pulls you in!
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A Manga in the process written by myself and a friend of mine...You'll have to read it to find out, it's complicated, but it pulls you in!

Chapter1 (v.1) - Saiba Knights

Author Chapter Note

A Manga in the process written by myself and a friend of mine...You'll have to read it to find out, it's complicated, but it pulls you in!

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 23, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 23, 2013



Book 1

Chapter 1

 Part 1



Saiba: A city filled with low and middle class citizens, the rich usually don’t come here, but when they do, they usually buy old businesses that are closing down. This city once had a very low population until the gangs from Nestro City were exiled here by the mobsters. The police here never paid attention, they're too busy shoving doughnuts down their throats or arresting people on purpose.



Bar Neos: Many gangs come here as their hang out, plus it's the only bar that serves  food and non-alcoholic beverages . Regular people do come here as well, either to hang with friends or pick up a hooker; still this place is somewhat decent, but it would be better if the owners could get rid of that urine and vomit smell upstairs...


Room 13


Yumiko-(Yawns and appears) I wonder if he’s awake yet? (Looks over) Thought so…still sleeping (Sighs and warps) Ren Kurai, hey! WAKE UP!


Ren-(Sees Yumiko through his eyelids) I’m up I’m up and how many times do I have to tell you? Just call me Ren, not my full name.


Yumiko-(Giggles) About 266…


Ren-That’s too many!


Yumiko-Okay're too easy to tease. Now get up you're supposed to meet your grandparents today.


Ren-(Opens eyes and gets out of bed) My upgrade, that’s right!


Yumiko-(Warps to LED screen) You're not excited to see your grandparents? I’m afraid due to my programming I am confused..


Ren-(Slips on boots) I am excited... it's just, I've been waiting for this upgrade for quite a long time.


Yumiko-Well I hope you enjoy your visit.


Ren-(Slips on mask) You're coming with me.


Yumiko-How? Ren you know I can't be away from here, I’ll end up shut down and deleted.


Ren-Did you forget what also today is?




Ren-The anniversary of the day my grandfather rebuilt me and when he created you for me.


Yumiko-what’s an anniversary?


Ren-I’ll explain later, but I think it's time I give you your present that I’ve made with my grandfather. (lifts up sheet revealing a body)


Yumiko-A body?


Ren-Yup now warp and install yourself as I get it ready.


Yumiko-(giggles) okay! (LED screen beeps) Jaysin Ion is calling.


Ren-thanks Yumiko now wrap. (touches screen) hey gadget whiz what’s up?


Jaysin- (laughs)your new sword is finished, how you been Ren?


Ren-could be better if the cops would do their job(zips up jacket)


Jaysin-yeah I heard about that incident with the Cybernix gang’s leader Crys. I thought it was hilarious .


Ren-Crystanna shooting him in the balls with that ancient pistol, yeah it was.


Jaysin-Oh you know those energy shirukens I told you about last week?


Ren-that you had to make a few adjustments ? Yes what about them?(rolls up sleeve and inserts syringe needle into a port on his arm)


Jaysin- They're done and if you want them I’ll trade you for that “ghost in the shell” movie.


Ren-If I like them I’ll give it to you. Sound good?(tosses syringe into trash)




Yumiko-Ren I’m ready!(standing)


Ren-I’ll stop by on my way towards my grandparents(turns to Yumiko)


Jaysin- See you there. (LED screen turns off)


Yumiko-How do I look?


Ren-Awesome! How does it feel?


Yumiko-Did you guys program this body for me to feel?


Ren-It's at least what we can do.


Yumiko-It feels nice.


Ren-Alright let's get going.


Yumiko-To Jaysin’s?


Ren-Yup then grandpa’s. 



Gadjetz Repair shop-Ren's favorite shop for new gadgets , Jaysin runs it and everyday something new he has invented or modified. My father helped him open it and gave him blue prints of many things he didn’t want my grandfather’s company to discontinue.



Ren-Yo Jaysin, I forgot to ask you earlier. Did my boots get repaired yet?


Jaysin- Anti gravity? Not yet still needs a few tweaks. Luckily your dad had some blue prints of those. (Walks up to him lowering the music)


Ren-(Hand shake) Great to see ya man.


Jaysin-Same to you. (Sees Yumiko hiding shyly behind Ren) Hey Yumiko how does it feel being in a body and not on screen?


Yumiko-It feels nice (Stays hidden)


Ren-Go look around Yumiko you may find something nice.


Yumiko-Can I go to the book store next door?


Ren-Why? You're capable of digitally downloading them from anywhere.


Yumiko-I always felt curious how it felt to read a book from where it came from.


Ren-(Smiles under the mask) Alright, you call me if you get into trouble.


Yumiko-(Hugs Ren) Thanks Ren! (Runs off)



Jaysin- You and your grandpa did a great job on that body.


Ren-Yeah but still working on the software where she can defend herself.


Jaysin- You guys need help with that? I may have some old software you can use for temporary.


Ren- I’ll talk to grandpa about that, so let me see the laser blade I am excited to see what you’ve done to it.


Jaysin- Let me go get it. (Walks off)


Ren-Seems you were busy? (Looks around)


Jaysin- I got a new client who wants me to build shields that can reflect the laser blasts `from a laser pistols or laser machine gun.




Jaysin- Some new person in town, the new commissioner of Saiba PD


Ren-We got a new commissioner?


Jaysin- (Turns up the music and walks towards Ren) Yeah some bitch from Nestro City.


Ren-The city run by the mob? The hell? Why she here?


Jaysin- Transfer. Get this, you know the incident in that city with androids going rogue and raping computers with unstoppable viruses?


Ren-Yes that was an interesting incident.


Jaysin- She stopped it by inserting a super virus into the main motherboard of the city’s computers. Turns out it’s a virus that extraterrestrial.




Jaysin-Yeah that’s how I reacted, but I’m wondering how she can get a hold of that software when we banned them after the first intergalactic war.


Ren-Who knows? But I’m wondering if she is gonna clean up these streets.


Jaysin- Rid the drugs , the criminals who get away with everything, and wipe out those gangs that cause all that.




Jaysin-This city can use you.


Ren-I don’t see myself being Saiba’s salvation.


Jaysin- Think of it as redemption for everything you’ve done in the past.


Ren-You know I hate religion based-never mind.


Jaysin-Anyway, here it is (Places a box on the counter and opens it)


Ren-(Reaches for it and flicks his wrist as the energy of the laser blade appears)  It's not heavy, nice you decreased its weight. (Spins it) Balanced as well.


Jaysin-Also comes with rechargeable cartridges and it synchs  with your prints. Nobody else can wield it but you.


Ren-Just like how I like it.


Jaysin-Now it can be attached to your hip or on your back.


Ren- (Presses the off button and puts it on his back) I prefer it on my back, feels more awesome.


Jaysin-(Laughs) Nice. Now the shirukens come in six. They recharge the same way as the laser blade. They turn on when they're in the air.


Ren-I love it. (Gives him the VHS) There.


Jaysin-Nice doing business with ya.


Ren-(Nods and walks out)


Outside Gadjetz Repair shop


Ren-(Sees Crys and his friend bullying Yumiko) HEY!


Yumiko-Ren! They won't give me back my book…(Struggles)


Kronix-(Gropes Yumiko while laughing) Shit they are real, but why is her skin pink purplish?


Ren-(Runs up to them after he sees Yumiko get groped) GET YOUR FUCKEN HANDS OFF OF HER!(Pushes him off and checks on her) You ok? (Sees her arm damaged)


Kronix-Ren why you gotta be a dick man, can’t I have some fun with her?


Crys-Such a cock blocker Kurai. (Laughs)


Kronix-What should I do Crys beat him up for him to watch?


Crys-I don’t see why not..


Ren-(Glares at Kronix)


Kronix-Aww look the robot has feelings, how cute.


Yumiko-(Sticks close to Ren)


Ren-Apologize and I won’t hurt you Kronix…


Crys-Still a bitch I see…


Ren-No, I just don’t have time for dumb fucks like yourselves. Now apologize!


Crys- Beat his ass Kronix show him not to fuck with Cybernix.


Kronix-Will do. (Walks up to Ren)


Ren-Yumiko go inside the bookstore…


Yumiko-Ren no..


Ren-DO IT!


Yumiko-(Gasps and runs in)


Kronix-Once I’m done with you..She’s gonna be in my bed..


Ren-(Stands there)


Kronix-(Runs up to Ren, uppercuts him and knees him in the stomach)


Ren-(Grunts) Is that the best you can do with two moves?


Kronix-I’m just getting started..


Ren-Really? (Knees him in the face, throws a right punch making fly back) That’s for feeling my sister…You damn pedophile .


Kronix-(Knocked out against a car)


Ren-(Walks up to him and lifts him up by the shirt) Wake up stupid.


Kronix-(Opens eyes shaking his head) Huh-what...? (Looks at Ren) Shit..


Ren-Go apologize.


Kronix-Fuck you...(Spits blood on Ren’s face)


Ren-(Looks at him) Wrong answer! (Reaches for his laser blade)


Crys-(Hits him with a pipe against his back )


Ren-(Goes on knees) You…


Crys-I am so glad my sister isn’t here, she can't protect you nor will ever return.. I will kill you Kurai


Ren-Still holding back on the past eh Crys. You're dad must be so damn proud


Crys- At least I have one…(Hits him again)


Ren-(Goes down as he hears Yumiko shouting out for him)


Crys-Kronix shoot him while he is down!


Kronix- (Reaches for his pistol aims at Ren’s head) See ya Mr. Roboto Fagoto.



Crys-HURRY UP! (Gets pushed by flames and screams)


Kronix- (Looks up) The hell? Crys?


Ren-(Slices Kronix’s hand off with the laser blade and kicks him to the side) You should’ve apologize…(Looks back at Crys seeing his face on fire)


Crys- (Screaming) My face! My face!


Ren-Only one person that quick with fire is able to do that.


Voice-Please do tell.


Ren-(Turns around) Zro Faia, my old friend the pyromaniac.


Zro-(Eating a sandwich) Long time no see pal. I see you had some trouble.


Ren-Yeah but I could’ve handle it.


Zro-Keep telling yourself that Ren. (Laugh while Kronix and Crys leave running)


Zro-Is that a bit too much to cut off Kronix’s hand?


Ren-He deserved it for touching my sister.


Zro-Yumiko? I thought she was an AI.


Ren-She was till we made a body for her.


Yumiko-(Runs out and hugs Ren) Don’t ever do that again, you promised to never kill again.


Ren-I didn’t kill anyone..just made them lose their squeezing hand..


Yumiko-We’re gonna be late to grandpa’s


Ren-Alright. Zro welcome back dude. We gotta catch up.


Zro-Tomorrow at Bar Neos.


Ren-See you there. (Walks off with Yumiko)


Kurai Residence-The home where I was raised after my parents died. Everything was built by my great grandfather Ren Kurai, hence why I was named Ren. The first home to actually get the first touch screen doorbell and security system.












Part 2




Ding Dong


Yumiko-You doing alright Ren?(Looks at him)


Ren-(Pressing the door bell screen) I am fine.


Yumiko-So was that Ashiteru? Your old friend?


Ren-Yeah. (Sees the door open)


Emiko- (Smiling) Ren-kun, you made it. Grandpa and I were worried you weren’t gonna make it today.


Ren-Hi grandma, sorry We are late we had some trouble on the way.


Emiko- Come in come in.


Ren-(Walks inside with Yumiko) Where’s grandpa?


Emiko-Doing the finishing touches on your upgrades.


Ren-(Scratches his head) I’m getting more than one? Why?


Emiko- Your cybernetic parts are expiring.


Ren-I had a full system scan last is that possible?


Emiko- Talk to your grandfather.


Ren-Alright. Yumiko help grandma with whatever around the house.


Yumiko-Okay. (Smiles) I have a body grandma!


Emiko-It looks fantastic Yumiko-Chan, come let’s go make some food for grandpa and Ren.




Ren-(Walks off towards a door)



Basement-The work place and get away from it that my grandfather spends his time on either work or relaxing.



Ren-(Walking down the steps) Grandpa?


Renjiro-(Stops)Ren is that you?


Ren-Yeah, sorry if I’m late.


Renjiro-I think I know why you’re late.


Ren-(Sits down) you do?


Renjiro-Yes. (Looks at him) You got into a fight with two members of the Cybernix gang.


Ren-They were picking on Yumiko and groping her.


Renjiro-Still, you’re supposed to be away from that crap. You gave an oath to me and your grandmother and your parents.


Ren-(Looks down) I know grandpa.


Renjiro-These are new times Ren, we don’t need anymore gang violence in this town. We moved here to get away from that after that incident in Aizu town.


Ren-Don’t remind me grandpa, I know it was my fault.


Renjiro-(Moves the wheel chair toward him) My dear grandson, you can’t blame yourself. You were lost, you didn’t know how to cope with your parents being gone. I know I’m not your father and I tried my best not to replace him. A boy needs their father to guide them …


Ren-(Tears flow down) I miss them..I don’t remember too much of them only the time of the accident.


Renjiro-I know. I am in pain still of losing my only son, I cannot lose what’s left of him (Hugs him)




Renjiro-Now who is ready for a few new upgrades?


Ren-I am.


Renjiro-Go to the table and strap yourself in.


Ren-(Nods and gets up walking towards the table strapping himself down) What are the upgrades?


Renjiro-Well before that, I had Yumiko give you a full system scan. Your heart’s energy is fading slowly , good thing I made a brand new one that’ll last you a week without to recharge.




Renjiro-Also have to reinstall the nanobots, the old ones have expired.


Ren-Explains why my bruises haven’t healed.


Renjiro-Exactly. Now I’m gonna shut you….




Ren-(Eyes wide) GRANDPA!




Ren-(Unstraps himself and dodges the bullets) SHIT!


Yumiko-(Running down)REN!!!




Yumiko-(Gets down under the table)


Ren-How the fuck are they-? (Gets shot in the arm) DAMMIT!

(Machine guns firing)


Yumiko-They got grandma…




Yumiko-I don’t know, but they killed her. They were asking for some kind of device


Ren-What device?(Searches for security defense ignition)


Yumiko-I couldn’t understand them, she had me hide in the hidden room in the kitchen.


Ren-Shit, behind you is a secret exit go I’ll be right behind you (Presses the button and runs to the other side)


Yumiko-I am not leaving you behind!




Yumiko-(Gasps and finds the secret exit and walks through it)


Ren-These guys are dead when I find out who they are.




Ren-(Goes flying back and lands on the ground)




Ren-(Opens eyes and tries to get up) Yumiko! (Gets up quickly and tries to run out)


Crys-Nope nope nope (Shoots him with a shotgun making him fly back)


Ren-Crys?(On the table)


Crys-I do love Kurai Inc weapons (Chuckles)


Ren-What the hell are you doing here?


Crys-Robot fag, I was sent here by my father to collect a device that belongs to him.


Ren-What device? (Groaning)


Crys-Not gonna say, but I will say this. We have your android sister and she’s gonna make a fine sex slave. I heard you saw my sister at the market this afternoon?


Ren-Yeah I saw Ash today.


Crys-My father is not happy you did so we are taking Yumiko like I said before.


Ren-You better let Yumiko go..(Looks at him)


Crys-Nah. But do us a favor stay away from Ashiteru


Ren-(Coughs out blood)You don’t control her…


Crys-I’m her big brother, I am allowed..


Ren-Step brother…not blood…


Crys-I do like the sound of that, I'll give her a taste..


Ren-After I recover I’ll make sure you don’t …


Crys-You put a smile on my face Kurai, too bad I won’t see that day when you do kill me..I’ll tell Yumiko how you failed..I am gonna enjoy seeing Ashy cry. Well (Cocks pistols) See ya! (Shoots him in the eyes and in the heart)

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