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Status: Finished

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During a class field trip, a 17 year old girl named Alice is kidnapped by three brothers who all thirst for her. The eldest, Austin, thirst to see her blood shed upon his floor; the middle child, Karter, thirst to see her enslaved to him and in love with him rather than his youngest brother; and the youngest brother, Harvey, thirsts for her freedom from his brothers and her love. All men want her for something, but all Alice wants to do is escape with the other slaves. Will she do it? Find out and read on (:
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During a class field trip, a 17 year old girl named Alice is kidnapped by three brothers who all thirst for her. The eldest, Austin, thirst to see her blood shed upon his floor; the middle child, Karter, thirst to see her enslaved to him and in love with him rather than his youngest brother; and the youngest brother, Harvey, thirsts for her freedom from his brothers and her love. All men want her for something, but all Alice wants to do is escape with the other slaves. Will she do it? Find out and read on (:

Chapter1 (v.1) - Chained

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During a class field trip, a 17 year old girl named Alice is kidnapped by three brothers who all thirst for her. The eldest, Austin, thirst to see her blood shed upon his floor; the middle child, Karter, thirst to see her enslaved to him and in love with him rather than his youngest brother; and the youngest brother, Harvey, thirsts for her freedom from his brothers and her love. All men want her for something, but all Alice wants to do is escape with the other slaves. Will she do it? Find out and read on (:

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter 1: Field Trip


The hard iron cuffs bruise my wrists as I wiggle through them. The dim light above me comes to an immediate mishap and it breaks, the glass exploding down on my light brown hair. I scream loudly, my chest tightening in fear of the darkness looming around me. The fear of the dark greatens when I hear soft thumping that sound like footsteps.

“Who’s there?!” I scream, already knowing the answer because I have the same dream every night

My throat dries up when I hear the footsteps stop in front of me. I look up at what I think is my assailant looming over me. Tears well up in my eyes and I feel a rough hand grab my throat. I let a scream unfurl from my throat, scratching it up as he tightens his grip on my throat.

“You are mine” He hisses huskily and grips tighter

I look around for help, only to find nothing but darkness all around me. I can feel myself slowly dying under his grip and the only solace I have is the blackness of the cell; the chains cutting open my skin.

“Goodnight Alice” He growls and I fall limply in his grip

“Alice! Wake up!”

I sit up in my bed, sweat falling down my heart shaped face with utter fear. I get this dream every night and it never stops scaring me. I wipe my hand over my forehead, cleaning my forehead of sweat, and I get up from my bed. A cacophony of banging starts on my door and I rush over to the door and open it, seeing my Aunt Johanna’s crazy dark blue eyes inspecting me.

My Aunt isn’t functional enough to live on her own so my mom, her younger sister, took her delusional sister under her wing. Aunt Johanna doesn’t have a job except for drug dealing so she is in charge of taking care of me while my mom is off on business.

“Why didn’t you answer me?! I was so worried you died in your sleep!”

I roll my eyes at my highly stoned aunt, catching how red her eyes are. Somehow, my mom doesn’t know about Aunt Johanna’s pot plant in her closet and doesn’t know Aunt Johanna even smokes after being released from prison. But here my aunt is, higher than a kite, holding a joint in her hand.

“I just woke up” I reply, scratching my light brown hair and her eyes bulge open

“But you got school soon!”

I look at my clock, showing me that I have an hour before my best friend comes to pick me up from school, and I look back at my Aunt Johanna.

“I have an hour, Aunt Johanna” I reply and she looks down at her plastic watch, realization crossing her old face.

“Oh my, I thought it was much later.”

I crack a smile at her.

“That’s because you are high” I reply and she smiles at me, showing me a ray of perfect teeth

“Would you like some before school?” She asks, holding her joint out for me, but I shake my head and she smokes it instead

“I’m good, thanks though” I reply and she coughs out her smoke, staring down at her joint as if it is heaven.

“No problem, sweety pie. You know I love you” She takes my face in her wrinkled hands and she kisses my cheek and shoos me away, “Go get ready for school, love!”

I laugh at her kookiness but I nod my head and shut the door on her face, walking over to my closet. It is the middle of winter and my English teacher, Mr. Crook, thought it to be a good idea to go to a fieldtrip amidst the snow and ice. I grab a large hoodie that once belonged to an ex-boyfriend of mine. I slink it on, watching it fall to my knees, and I walk over to my dresser to grab a pair of black leggings to match it with. I can hear my Aunt Johanna coughing up a lung as she continues to smoke and I laugh, putting on a pair of Spiderman socks. She has got to be the craziest aunt alive.

“I’m making pancakes!” She yells, “Would you like some?!”

“Sure!” I yell back and I hear her begin her crazy cackling laugh she often makes when she is high.

“Okay deary!” She yells and I laugh to myself and walk over to my mirror, my boots to the left of my floor length mirror.

I look at myself briefly, taking in my appearance. I have thick thighs with a large butt to go with them, both apparent in my leggings. I easily hide my large sides in my hoodie and my stomach has only a little bit of fat, drastically better compared to my large hips. I wouldn’t consider myself fat, not many do, but I am defiantly overweight. I should be 20 pounds lighter but I just love food too much to change that.

I grab my hairbrush from my dresser and I brush my light brown hair, loving how long it is. My hair almost reaches my belly button it is so long and I brush it gingerly, watching it comply to my brush. There are lighter shades of brown in my hair, making it look all the better, but I wish I could convince my mom to let me die my hair darker.

My mom is a successful CEO and that makes her always visiting countries across the world, never having time to be with me. And, even though she is never here, she makes sure to still play the overbearing mother. I am not allowed to have any piercings, tattoos, hair dye in my hair, and I am not allowed to even think about drugs or alcohol. She threatens boarding school but, knowing her, she wouldn’t even notice if I did any of those things. She doesn’t notice much.

Once I finish brushing my hair, I pin it to one side of my face to better define my face shape. My cheekbones are high and defined and I quickly put blush over them to better show them off. I grab my eyeliner and I put a thin line over my light brown eyes, giving myself a cat eye look, and I quickly put mascara and lip gloss on before walking out of my room with my boots in my hand.

Aunt Johanna has a joint in her mouth as she flips the pancakes and I laugh, walking over to our small four person table so I can put my black boots on. I listen to her throw her joint away, finished with it, and I enjoy her company as she begins to sing.

My aunt may be crazy but man can she sing.

I just listen to her sing for a while, zipping my boots up mid calf and she sets down two pancakes for me. I tear them into tons of little ovals/squares when she sits down beside me with her own pancakes and some syrup. She brushes her hand through her white short hair and then lathers her pancakes in syrup before devouring them. I grab the syrup and I pour it lightly over my pancakes.

We eat in piece in quiet, occasionally hearing my aunt humming, and I enjoy this small time with her. But then my phone starts blaring my best friend’s ringtone, the Ghostbuster’s song, and I grab my phone and put it to my ear.

“Hey, you here?” I ask her and she turns her radio off

“Yes, now get out here slut!” Beverly yells and hangs up the phone

“She shouldn’t call you a slut, she is the slut” Aunt Johanna says and I laugh as I kiss the top of her white head.

“I know, Aunt Johanna” I say as I hide my laugher

“Good” She says and looks up at me, her blue eyes dancing around, “Have fun on your field trip”

“Thanks” I say and I run out of our penthouse door, smiling back at Aunt Johanna as I grab my backpack and race to the elevator of the hotel we live at.

My mom is so used to staying at hotels she decided to make us live at one. Her busy schedule makes this hotel the one she stays at the least. I walk into the elevator, catching a glimpse at a man in his mid 20’s in the elevator as well. He gives me a small smile, showing off a dimple, and I smile back at him.

I click the floor button and he comments in a husky voice, “Can you click floor five for me please?”

“Sure thing” I comment and I hit the five button.

 I lean on the wall opposite the man as I wait for the elevator to go down. It does so, but goes to his floor first. He turns to me and gives me a friendly wave before going to his floor. The door shuts again and I close my eyes and relax until I hear the soft ding. I open my eyes and I walk out of the elevator, already catching sight of Beverly’s green bug outside of the hotel.

I run outside and I slide in the passenger seat of Beverly’s car. The first thing I see is her Monroe piercing and the freckles around her pale nose. She looks over at me, her dark eyes playfully smiling at me before she drives off.

“Damn its cold out!” Beverly yells, theatrically shivering her body, and I just laugh and lean back in the seat

“And now we have to walk around a dead person’s house.” I sarcastically say and both of us roll our eyes.

Today our field trip is at Daniel Boone’s house in our city of Ballwin, Missouri. I turn the radio on and I set my feet on the airbag in front of me. Bev groans, hating how I dirty her car, but she says nothing and drives faster.

We arrive at our school, Marquette High School, at the exact time the bell rings. Grabbing my backpack, we both walk into the cafeteria of the school to see our language class all sitting around, Mr. Crook standing on a chair in the middle of our class. His comb over is nauseating and the two of us walk over to my ex boyfriend Jason.

“Hey rat’s nest” Jason says, laughing at his own pathetic joke as I playfully shove him

We broke up years ago and, even though we still flirt, we are simply just friends and broke up because of how close friends we were. Jason’s curly brown hair covers most of his bushy eyebrows but his pearly teeth show how cute he really is.

“Shut up, jerk” I say but I still smile

“What time are we getting on the bus?” Beverly asks, looking over her shoulder every couple of seconds

“It’s running late” Jason comments, sounding none too pleased about it.

Off in the distance, I can hear the loud screech of the bus as it closes to a stop. I give a playful smile to both of them and I shove them both, running outside of the school to see a musty yellow school bus in front of the school. Jason and Beverly come up to each side of mine and Mr. Crook walks to the front, the school bus door opening from behind him.

“We will be sitting at the same spot there and back. I don’t want to see any phones, socializing, IPods, or any other electronics or something that will give me a headache.” Mr. Crooks strides onto the bus, shaking his enlarge butt in the process.

The three of us look at one another, trying not to make a rude comment, and we all walk in after our teacher laughing. The bus driver has piercing blue eyes that glue onto me the moment I get on the bus. He looks around 30, with a double chin and a gleam as he eyes me up and down.

I grab onto Jason’s arm, watching the bus driver continue to stare at me, and Jason whispers to me, “What are you doing?”

“The bus driver is freaking me out” I say, walking past the bus driver

I can feel his eyes still on me and Bev whispers in my ear, “That bus driver is creepy, he keeps staring at you.”

Jason squeezes me tighter onto him and he mumbles, “I don’t like that guy….”

I look up at Jason, smiling at his jealousy, and I free my arm from his and sit down with Beverly sitting beside me.

“We can just tell Mr. Crook and he will deal with it” I say with a tang of enthusiasm but when I look up, the bus driver is still staring at me.

Something about the way he is looking at me, the sparkle in his eyes, strikes me with fear and I grab Beverly’s hand.

“We will tell Crook” Beverly says, realizing my fear

I look down at the floor, refusing to see the bus driver looking at me with a sense of creepiness I do not wish to observe. I lay my head on Beverly’s shoulder, my fatigue quickens and I go into a light sleep on her shoulder; for once not dreaming about anything.

When I wake up, the bus rolls to a stop and the bus driver yells, “We are here!”

I glance over at Beverly, our brown eyes meeting each other, and we jump out of the bus. Jason stands up beside us, glaring at the bus driver, and I playfully nudge him and the three of us hurry off the bus. I make sure to avoid the looks the bus driver is giving me, hoping more than ever to now go into Daniel Boone’s house.

Mr. Crook walks us into the house, going into great lengths to describe the house and describing Daniel Boone. As I am about to go into the door, I glance back and see the bus driver. He is looking directly at me as he smokes a cigarette. He gives me a wink and I turn away in disgust as I rush inside the house.

Mr. Crook continues to talk, rambling on about Daniel’s life in this house and I scan my eyes around the place. It is small and quaint, with old fashioned furniture and simple quilts on the single bed there is.

“This is so boring” Beverly mutters and both Jason and I nod our heads in unison.

“Let’s go do anything else” Jason says and I look back at Mr. Crook

“Won’t we get in trouble?” I ask and Jason snorts, making fun of me for being afraid

“Don’t be such a scaredy cat, he won’t notice we left” Jason replies

“Yea, he is too focused on Daniel Boone” Beverly adds on, siding with Jason

I look back at Mr. Crook, his eyes glazed over the small furnace with fascination, and I laugh and nod my head. The three of us run out of the house and we go to the back of it, sitting down on the floor of the backyard.

Beverly pulls out her pack of menthol cigarettes, lighting a cigarette up as Jason pulls out his phone to put some music on. Beverly is the only one of us that still smokes cigarettes, Jason always hated it and I recently quit after my mom found a pack of mine.

Jason plays some country music and I lay on the grass, gazing up at the sun, as I listen to the country twang of this song. Jason lies down beside me, pulling at the grass with his nimble fingers and I look over at him. There are moments when I believe I want Jason back. He was the sweetest boyfriend I ever had and he is obviously cute. Jason looks over at me, his hazel eyes matching mine, and a smile crosses his lips.

“What are you looking at?” He asks and I poke his nose with a large grin on my face

“Just this nasty pimple” I reply and he laughs, but then his face turns grim and he jumps up to his feet.

I turn around and I scream when I see the scene in front of me. A man I have never seen before, in his early 20’s, has a gun to Beverly’s head. Jason cautiously walks forward, grasping my shaking hands, as he notices the same thing I do. The guy with the gun is staring directly at me. His eyes are an icy blue, piercing me with fear.

“Let her go” Jason orders, trying hard to hide his fear as he grips my hand tightly

“I will” The man says in a deep voice that sends chills through my body, “But if you give me her”

Jason looks down at me, immediately knowing who he is talking about: me.

I swallow, my throat feeling like razors, and Jason barks, “I’ll call the police, stay away from both of them.”

The man wields his gun around, a cocky smile dancing around on his lips, “Do you forget I’m the one with the gun?”

Quickly, I hear a loud banging sound, similar to a firework, and Jason falls to the floor screaming.

“Jason!” I scream and I collapse onto the ground, catching sight of the bullet wound on Jason’s knee

“Get up!” The man yells, looking directly at me, “Or I will shoot your friend”

Tears immediately build up in my eyes, my fear quickening, and I stand up to my feet. I almost collapse to my feet as my legs wobble nervously. I look at Beverly, taking in her dark fearful eyes as tears roll down them and I turn my attention back to the stranger.

“Please let her go” I plead, tears finally streaming down my face

A cruel smile dances over his face at my tears and he coolly says, “Switch places with her. It’s you we want.”

I didn’t get a chance to ask who was ‘we’ before I feel a hand go around my waist and mouth, covering my screams. I watch the stranger drop Beverly then, as Beverly lies on the floor, he kicks her in face; knocking her out.
I scream louder this time, biting down on the stubby hand around my mouth and I hear a familiar voice cursing in pain. The bus driver. He grips onto me tighter, making tears soak his hand as I downpour in fear.

“Start walking or my friend here will kill your friends. Make a noise and they die.” The bus driver whispers in my ear.

I smell alcohol blowing into my ear and I shiver in fear but, as he steps on my heel, I begin walking. The hand resting around my waist starts moving, sliding under my hoodie so he can touch my stomach. I muffle a cry in fear and we close in on a black SUV with tinted windows.

“Welcome to your destiny baby” He whispers in my ear, his breath lingering on my ear, and he shoves me into the car

I slam my head on the back seat and I begin to scream bloody murder. The stranger and the bus driver sit on each side of me, each gripping onto an arm, and the stranger points his gun at me.

“Stop screaming” He barks and the driver of the SUV turns around.

I recognize his dark brown eyes that remind me of chocolate swirls, mixed with his single dimple, and I gasp at my recognition. It is the guy from the elevator I see every morning.

“Don’t you dare shoot her” He hisses, glaring at the stranger with the gun.

“Just start driving” The bus driver hisses and the elevator guy turns around and storms off.

“Let me go!” I scream, eyeing any chance of seeing someone from class.

“You aren’t going anywhere” The elevator guy calmly says, although his hands grip hard onto the steering wheel, “You are mine forever.”

I outcry in blood curling screams, but the man with the gun puts tape over my mouth and silences me. Tears form again in my eyes and I feel all three men’s’ eyes on me, including the driver. Cop cars pass by us in a flurry, sirens blazing, and both men in the back seat tighten their grip on me harder.

“There was your last hope, babe” The bus driver comments with a laughing tone, “Now you are ours.”

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