Fairy in training

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

A fairy named April who learn karate from a human.

Fairy in training



In the southern region of Vinci (a large country), there once lived a fairy named April, who took a special interest in the odd and colorful things human wore on their body’s. Every once or twice a week she would leave her community, fly towards the nearest road, hid behind one of the trees alongside the road and watched different humans walk along the road. On males, she would usually see them wearing knee boots, tunic and sometime they would wear a hood. even though she loved the male outfits, it was the female outfits she loved the most. The females wore long flowing dresses, some with buttons some without buttons. Some wore a long cone shaped hat with a transparent cloth hanging off it while others wore only the long white cloth with a circlet around it.

April would usually stay behind the tree as she watched the humans walk up and down the stone road, but sometimes she would see something she, really, liked, and follow the person openly down the street. She would follow them until she felt she went too far from her home or the person she was following turned around, noticed her and ran away.

April lived in a small community of fairies inside the forest. Beside Mai and Lei, none of the other fairies cared to hear about the strange clothes the humans wore.  They thought April was strange for caring herself…for they had their own culture and things they wore: flower bracelets on their hands and feet.  Even though Mai cared little for it, she would listen to April talk about the clothes the humans wore, which was almost every day. However, Lei was happy to listen to April talk about the strange thing human wore around their bodies and head. She was the youngest fairy in the community, so she never saw a human before; she always was in the mood to listen to April talk about them.

“I can’t wait until I’m old enough to travel with you to see the humans, April!” Lei would usually say when April finish telling her about the humans.

“Me either!” April would usually reply.

One day, while April was hiding behind one of the tress on the left side of the stone road, she saw a human female traveling down the narrow stone road by herself. The woman wore something April had never seen a human wear. She wore a white karate Gi, a black belt going around her waist and no shoes. “I’ve never seen a human wear that before.” Thought April, as she watched the woman travel. April wanted to follow the woman, but something inside of her told her not too. She watched the woman vanish into the distance.

“That must be something new the humans are starting to wear.” Said April.


Five months later, April had a dream in which she was floating in darkness. She used her fairy magic to cause her body to glow in the surrounding darkness. She couldn’t see any trees, flowers or anything around her. She started moving forward, hoping something familiar would show up soon.

“Hello!” Yelled April, as she moved through the darkness.

The sound she made kept repeating itself until it slowly faded away.

“Is anybody there!” Yelled April.

Again, the noise she made repeated its self in the darkness until it to faded away.

As April moved forward she notice two small dots in the distance. Both were white and one looked like it was getting closer to the other. When April got a little bit closer, she noticed that the two dots were two humans. The stationary human was holding a single board stretched-out in front of him while the other ran towards him.

“What are they doing?” April asked herself.

The woman that was moving forward jumped up in the air, shouted and broke the board the man was holding, and before she could land they both vanished.

A few seconds later, the woman reappeared. This time she had a pile of bricks stacked on two cinder blocks in front of her.

“Do you think you can break these bricks with your bare hands?” Asked the woman.

“With my bare hands,” said April. “of course I can’t.”

The woman gave April a disapproving stare.

“Then why do you wear my uniform?” Asked the woman.

April looked at herself and realized that she was wearing the same outfit the woman was wearing.

“When did I put this on?” Asked April, as she looked all around herself.

The woman got off her knees and put her fist on the top brick. After a few seconds of standing still, she lifted her fist up swiftly and then she slammed it upon the bricks. All the bricks in the stack broke in the middle. April was amazed at what she saw right in front of her eyes.

“How did you do that?” Asked April.

Before the woman could answer, April woke up inside of her small house, which are made from wood and leaves.

Once she awakened, she went on with her day as usual. She didn’t mention the dream to neither Mai or Lei, for she didn’t remember much about it, and she was more focused on other things like hunting for food and playing games with the other fairies.

In the Afternoon, April snuck away from her community and started spying on the humans that traveled upon the stone road. The first humans she saw were riding upon a carriage pulled by two horses and driven by one driver. They were dressed in the usual clothes April had seen many wear: long dress and cone hat for the women and a tunic for the male. The second carriage to pass was like the prior. The only difference was that it had only one horse pulling it.

It was over forty minutes before April saw another human using the road, and to her surprise it was the woman she saw a few months ago. It was the woman that had the same outfit the two humans in her dream had. April was both surprised and happy to see her, for she remembered wearing the outfit in her dream (but only slightly).

April liked the outfit the woman was wearing, so this time she decided to follow the woman down the stone road (of course when I say followed I don’t mean on foot. Instead, I mean hovered). At first April made sure to keep her distance from the woman, however, she slowly found herself getting closer and closer to the karate woman. Soon April was only five steps behind her.

The woman in the Gi suddenly and with no motivation turned around and kicked the little fairy out of the sky.

Once the woman realized she kicked a fairy, she quickly apologized for kicking it. She then turned and ran away down the stone road till she could no longer see the fairy. “I shouldn’t just leave it laying on the road. Thought the woman, ‘’it could get hit by something.” The woman continued down the road until her conscientious got the better of her, and She walked back to where she last saw the fairy.

“Are you hurt?” Asked the woman, as she bent down to examine the fairy.

April lifted one of her arms to let the woman know she was still alive.

The woman laid the fairy on the side of the road, and watched over her.

Thirty-nine minutes later, April opened her eyes and saw the young woman sitting on the right side of her. She had her eyes closed, legs crossed and sat completely still, so she didn’t see April wake up. April made loud aching sounds.

“Are you ok?” Asked the young woman.

“I’m fine.” Said April.

“I’m sorry for kicking you.” Cried the young woman

“It’s my fault for following you” said April, as she held her head.

“Why were you following me?”

“Because I like the outfit you’re wearing.”

The woman looked all around herself.

“Do you mean my belt?”

“All of it, including the belt.”

“you mean my karate clothes.”

“Karate clothes, is that what you call it?”

“It’s called a ‘karate Gi’”

“Karate Gi” repeated April, confusingly.

“yes,” said the woman, “so you like it?”

“yes.” Said April.

“Do you want one?”

“Do you have another one?”

“I don’t have another one with me right now. However, I can get you one made, if you want one?”

“yes, please get me one!” shouted April.

The woman saw that the fairy was still very much in pain and wanted to make up for hitting her as soon as possible.

“It’s the least I can do for kicking you. I’m still very sorry for doing it. I should, really, look before hitting.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Said April. She then stood still as a sparkling golden aura surrounded her whole body for ten seconds before disappearing. ‘’I’m all better now.”

“What was that?” Asked the young woman.

“I healed myself completely” answered April.

“Right, I forgot fairies can heal themselves.”

“When do I get my karate Gi?”

“My friend should have it ready for you in less than a month.” said the young woman, “Falls almost here, so let’s meet here again during the summer.”

“Alright!” said April.

They both told each other good-bye before going their separate ways.

On the first day of fall, April waited beside the stone road eager get the karate Gi the young woman promised to her. However, the woman did not show up.

“Maybe she was busy today and forgot.” April said to herself. She then went home.

The next four days were the same, April would show up early in the morning and wait on the side of the road for the woman to show up; when she didn’t show up April would feel disappointed and betrayed.

The next day, the woman showed up and waited on April to show up. April almost didn’t show up, but she wanted the karate Gi the woman promised her, so she arrived in the afternoon. When April spotted the woman sitting down on the right side of the road, she dashed over to her, with a huge smile on her face.

“You’re finally here.” Said April, “What took you so long?”

“Sorry,” Said the woman, “your Gi outfit took longer to arrive then I thought.”

“Where is it?” Asked April, in a cheerfully tone.

“By the way I didn’t get your name. Mine is ‘Kiki.’”

“My names April.”

Kiki reached into the little pouch on her duffle bag and pulled out April costume.

“Here you go, April.”

“Can you help me put it on?”

Kiki agreed and helped April put on the karate Gi.

The Gi was obviously too big for April, yet she was still very excited to have one on.

“I love it!” shouted April.

“I’m glad you like it, but I’m going to have to tell my friend to re-adjust the size.”

“Don’t worry,” said April, who was trying to keep the pants from falling off her, “I can manage with this size.”


As Kiki watched April examine her new out outfit, she started thinking about training her. Maybe she wanted to become a martial artist?

“would you like to learn karate?” Asked Kiki.

“Learn karate, how do you do that?”

“Karate is a fighting style. It’s a form of self-defense.”

“A form of self-defense.”

“That’s one of its functions.” Said Kiki.

“I want to learn it.” Said April.

“How are you going to pay for the lessons? You don’t have twenty dollars, do you?” Asked Kiki.

“Twenty dollars, what’s that?”

“I thought as much,” said Kiki, “I can’t teach you for free.”

“What does ‘free’ mean?”

“’Free’ means you don’t have to pay for it.”

April looked confused, as any wild animal would be. Kiki didn’t want to but she knew she would have to teach April what ‘payment’ mean.

“You like the Gi my friend made for you, right?

“I love it! cried April.

“What are you going to give me in exchange for it.”

“What do you want?”

“Money,” said Kiki, “However, since you don’t have any, You’ll have to give me something else.”

“What do you want?” said April.

Kiki thought it over and decided on using her new fairy student to draw a crowd. She knew a human doing karate wouldn’t be exciting. However, a fairy doing karate would draw a very large crowd.

"If you promise to return with me to my dojo once your training is done, I'll let you keep the outfit."

"Whats a dojo?" Asked April.

"A building were i do my training."

"What will we do there?"

"I want you to show some other people what i taught you."

"I dont want to be around to many humans."

"I promise nothing will happen to you." Said Kiki, " I just want you to show off what i teach you, ok?"

April didn’t want to part with her new outfit, so she agreed to help Kiki make money. 

For five months, Kiki trained April. She taught April how to punch, kick and throw more effectively. She toughened up April hands and feet by making her punch hard objects: Trees,stones and the stone road.

“Your training is complete, “said Kiki. “Now it’s time for you to pay me back.”

“Are we going to your village right now” asked April.

“Tomorrow,” said Kiki, as she looked up at the midnight sky. "Its getting dark."

“OK master, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Said April.

“Early in the morning as usual.” Said Kiki.

“Yes master,” said April.

Before she headed home, April dropped her karate Gi in a tree near the village (Like she did evertime she finished training with Kiki).

“So how was training?” asked Lei, who was sitting in another tree near the one April put her Gi into.

“Good as usual.” Said April.

“I’ve been practicing on the trees all day.” Said Lei.

“really, come on let me test you.” Said April.

Lei punched April, now very powerful, hands as hard as she could.

“Wow Lei,” said April, with much surprise “You have gotten stronger.”

“Told you.” Said Lei.

“Let’s go home and eat.” said April.

They headed home, ate pieces of a monkey the other fairies head prepared for them and went to sleep.

 Early in the morning, April arrived at the stone road and met up with Kiki as she came up the road.

“Are you ready?” asked Kiki.

“Yes, Master Kiki.” Said April, while bowing to Kiki.

April followed her master, Kiki, as she walked along the stone road. They stayed traveling down the road until they came upon a building standing outside of a nearby village. The building was fairly small and had an equal small gate, which consisted of two wooden poles standing vertically, one horizontal pole in the upper middle of the two poles and one wooden rectangle resting on top of the two poles, standing in front of it.

“This is my dojo.” Said Kiki.

“It’s huge.”

“too you,” said Kiki, with a chuckle “to me it’s not large at all, actually its quite small.”

Kiki slid open the door and invited April inside.

April flew inside and saw a single person standing in a completely empty room.

“This is my friend Milcah.” Said Kiki.

“Hello.” Said April.

“Hi.” Said Milcah, looking as if she had seen a ghost.

Milcah came up to the fairy and looked her all around.

“She looks awesome with the karate Gi on, doesn’t she?” Asked Kiki.

“yes, she looks great.” Replied Milcah.

Kiki walked over to where a tiny wooden board was laying on two large stone bricks.

“Come over here April." Said Kiki, "I want you to break this board.”

April flew over to were Kiki stood and positioned herself to break the boards.

After a few seconds of preparing herself, she broke the board in two with a karate chop.

“You did it!” shouted Milcah, while hopping up and down.

“Of course she succeeded,” replied Kiki. confidently “I am her teacher.”

April was very happy to be getting praise from her teacher and her friend. She wanted to impress them some more, so she asked for another board to break.

“We want you to break some more boards, April,” said Kiki. “however, we need to gather a crowd first.”

“I’ll go and gather some people.” Said Milcah.

Milcah exited the dojo, entered Polo (the village) and gathered a somewhat large crowd to follow her back to the dojo.

All the people from the village either stood outside or came inside to get a better view of the karate fairy.

Kiki set the boards then stood beside April as she prepared herself to break them.

When April broke the board, the crowd cheered and gave April a well-deserved applause.

“She can even break two in one strike if you give her twenty dollars.” Shouted Kiki.

Once the crowd payed the fee, April broke two boards with one strike. April kept on performing until Kiki finally closed the dojo for the night.

“How much money did we make today, Milcah.” Asked Kiki.

“Two thousand dollars!” yelled Kiki’s partner.

“really, that much?”

“That fairy really knows how to draw a crowd.” Said Milcah.

“She’s my best student.” Said Kiki, while giving April a big smile.

April saw the happiness she brought to her master and was brought to feel special even though she was very tired from all the board breaking.

“Did I pay you your money back?” asked April.

Kiki looked at Milcah for a few seconds before commencing to lie.

“Not yet.’’ said Kiki, “But you’re getting there.”

“Should I come back tomorrow?” asked April.

“Yes, we need you always”.

"Yes, please do come back." Said Milcah.

“Can you walk me back home?”

“Of course.” said Kiki.

Kiki walked April back to the spot they met, gave her a big hug before letting her go back into the forest and returned to her village.


Submitted: October 28, 2016

© Copyright 2021 zuki. All rights reserved.

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