The Story of my Life (Just have to go through hell first)

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A short raw story about my life. Sometimes you have to go through hell to get to were you want in life.

Submitted: February 08, 2013

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Submitted: February 08, 2013



I was beaten, abused, broken, raped, sodomized, cheated, and at 5 years old my childhood was stolen in a minute. I was forced to grow up fast, cuzif I didn't know how to escape from the enemy, and still they used to find me and that was when the horrible things proceeded. I used to play hide and seek by myself for 10 years, so the rats wouldn't find me and do their dirty, evil deed. They were possessed by the devil I know that for sure, cuza real God loving person would never do the horrible things they made me do.

I was forced to do things that my mind will NEVER forget. I might forgive the offender, but the damage will always be there. Something so precious was stolen from me, my childhood, my innocence, any good memories...WOW! They really did a good number on me. 18 years latersince they stopped being evil and I still feel like it was yesterday when I was hiding in closets, running away from all the madness that I was facing everyday, from all the evil that made me who I am today.

I should feel hate, but I don't feel it cuzI know in my heart God will take care of them and that's none of my business. What I do feel is pain and a lot! Cuz I ran and hide out for so many years that I still don't know if it's safe to come out or not. Sometimes I ask "What my life would've been if all that wouldn't have happened?", but then I realized it was meant to happened. I wouldn't made the decisions I made, took the path I took, did the things I did, accomplished so much in so little time and meet the great people I have in my life.

So it was meant to be. Yes, I went through hell and I'm coming back but I had learned along the way God's plan. He will built you up, make you strong, make you a believer and if you have faith the promise land would be just at the end of the road, just take a right and enjoy the sweet love of the one and only...GOD.

Just have to go through hell first...

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