We Are What we Eat

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Obesity is not an option is it??

Submitted: June 20, 2011

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Submitted: June 20, 2011



That we are what we eat is a true dictum. Eating the right food at the right time is important for our health; unfortunately, many students' refuse to eat at school cafeterias because of its unhealthy products. They sometimes skip breakfast and abstain from having lunch at schools they spend their entire day till 3:30 pm without any food Thus they rely on their dinner for most of their nourishment and fill their whole day with high calorie drinks, snacks and junk food. When this happens they perform poorly at work because the brain needs food to be able to function well. It also has impact on their health as their unhealthy eating habits take their toll on them eventually.
I'm guessing that you've noticed the issue of lacking a proper cafeteria at schools. By proper we mean a cafeteria that provides, healthy food that stimulates brain activity and a clean system. Students are complaining because school days end at 3:30 pm it might be unappetizing that all school cafeterias have to meet federal state standards f nutrition and cleanliness but such health inspections must be applied weekly in order to avoid health violations. In school cafeterias there has been a decline in the overall cleanliness and lack of hygiene. The cafeteria department still despite whether the food is fresh or not they'd still serve at any time all to increase their income with complete disregard to student's health. But somehow this crisis has been averted but it was still a critical violation. Student's leave their leftover sandwiches, candy wrappings and Pepsi cans everywhere ,they randomly toss them all over the playground including benches this not only makes a noticeably large mess but make sit difficult for student's to find a bench without having to clean after the mess other irresponsible students have made. Parents believe that they've sent their children to school and expect for the institution to know what's best for their kids not compromise their health. Students and parents must form a coalition to fight for healthy food. Not only do cafeterias lack cleanliness but it also lacks good nutrition they provide unhealthy food that can be hazardous to our health, and also increasing obesity statics. Alarmed by child obesity statics and prevalence of unhealthy foods offered in schools we must initiate a program that connects schools with local farms to provide healthier food with also supporting local farmers. Having a proper cafeteria location and seating is very vital since schools with 1-hour recess will be able to enjoy their lunch in peace. Plus if the department did provide healthy and fresh food students will no longer complain about school ending at 3:30
School departments must take into consideration changing their system because we all know that a healthy body is in a healthy mind and we truly are what we eat.

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