Artificial Mind

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It is a story about a Person inside an old Compound, he was member of a Unit that had to find out information about the "Artifacts" but his team betrayed him and used him to communicate with the Artifacts

Submitted: January 20, 2012

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Submitted: January 20, 2012



“I’m not a good Storyteller. But this isn’t a Story, what I’m about to tell you is a fragile object created by the Horrors of what houses inside our own Souls. Nightmares that manifested themselves through us. Your work here is done. Dare to find out what you’ve changed?” was inscribed in a wiggly and partly unreadable way on the paper I held in my hands. The moment I stopped reading the note I realized again what was around me, I was a part of the world again. “So cold” was the first thing that splashed into my mind as I looked up over the heavily damaged and overgrown desk. Dark wood, mixed with the green and white colored fungi. The walls so porous and wet from the years of rain and cold. The floor once shining bright parquet now a tarry, earthy substance that’s sticks to my boots. I breathe in, and although I know that fresh air is to find only high above me in the upper levels of this tremendous castle, I enjoy the fusty smell of the air, and the metallic taste on my tongue. My eyes wander back to the Table, covered in blood and fungi as I think “At least there’s something that reminds me of live”. As I try to decrypt the dried ink appearing to be all that’s left after those first few words, my mind goes on a journey.  A journey how all of this happened, what I have done, to get here.

“PETER?! PETER are you awake?! Wake up, you have to get up!” said an old and nervously trembling voice beside me. I opened one eye, then the other one. I still could feel the pain, breaking through the wall that the medicines created inside me. Slowly but focused with all my power I turned my head to the right side. Slowly, I thought, don’t overdo yourself. A bright and blinding light shined straight at me so I couldn’t see. I knew it was on purpose. Suddenly the pain went away, and I could see. After my pupils adapted to the bright light I started to see the silhouettes of the people standing there, in their shining white uniforms. Medics they called themselves, nothing more than Charlatans they were. “Fine you’re awake, we can start people. The usual procedure and then we go higher than usual. We need results today!” he barked at them. “Who is he?” was the first thing rushing through my mind, I didn’t came to think farther as a pain of a thousand needles drilled into my spine lighting the whole room up. I saw through everything, whatever hid in the darkest shadow of this old rusty chamber was lightened up for me. The man with the dark beard, the woman with the shocked face, the young guy who had a scar on his face. And as I looked into their faces, for this instance of a second I remembered all of them. How could you do this to me…again?

“Pain, in my back to the right of my spine. I should turn around, what time Is it?” I looked out of the tiny hole in the metal wall. It was still raining. “Well that’s a shame” I said to myself. I finally sat up in my bed just to realize that I’ve slept on the Pistol my father gave me. With a disgraceful look to that old companion of mine I said: “Now that explains everything” as I went to the broken and rusty mirror that was hanging over the old and non-functional basin filled with salvia and dirt. I frowned as I saw my face in the mirror, “Goddangit old boy, you ’aint no beauty to the eyes!” I said in a humorous manner. I started packing my things to get ready for traveling farther into the depth of this compound. Being on this mission allows me to think about many different topics. For once I realized that no matter what I’ll find down there it won’t change a thing about the operation. “Tom, Gerald, Annie, and me Patrick. We were the ones to find this compound filled with amazing artifacts ,not them! Goddamn government Agents.” I shouted out loud. As I finished my packing I looked around, luckily nothing has changed. The huddle of Dust and Debris that came down from the upper floor was still lying there, covering the broken down furniture of the Room. The gigantic bed was still as monstrous as always. That wood could withstand all those years so undamaged is a wonder to itself. I checked everything twice and continued my travel. “According to the Map I have to get 5 floors downwards to reach the Laboratory, from there on I can continue to the Cellar or go to the basement, in which ,according to our research Team, more Artifacts are concealed.” I spoke into the little recorder that we were forced to take with us. As I reached the Laboratory one or two hours passed by, nothing unusual was in this compound except for these stones covered in substance like tar. They send out a radiation, neither deadly for humans nor harmful to them, but it was able to bend hard physical objects. That’s what we were after here. As I stood in front of the heavy metal door leading to the laboratory I took a break. Getting through there would take some time, maybe even use of the “Artifacts”. Looking around in the hallway I was sitting, the metal walls seemed to shine on their own through the cracks and scratches. A blue smoke was covering my sight, being a contrast to the brown orange rust sticking to the walls like a parasite, feeding on the life of the Metal, on it’s blood. Suddenly I jumped up. “WHAT is going on here?!” just to realize that was one of the side effects of the “Artifacts”. They fed on your mind. “Ok gotta get up!” I focused on my Task and planted the slightly artifact-enriched explosive to the sides of the metal door. I felt the coldness reaching out to me, the darkness looking straight through me, and as I pushed the button I felt it scream.

I looked at the painting of the householder “Annie you think I will ever look like that?” “What do you mean with “will”, you already do!” she answered in her girly like, bittersweet manner. “Keep it together guys, we’re not on vacation here” the smoky voice of Tom said. He was a nice guy, and a fabulous leader. We went through the doors leading to the old machinery, deeper and deeper into the compound. We expected a very high amount of artifacts inside an old chamber at the bottom of the building. As we passed at a bunch of ashes lying on the floor I started to enjoy the scenery that unraveled in front of us. Old and complex details on the walls, doors ornamented by angels made of metal, the floor out of hard ,cold, solid concrete. We came to a door that was labeled “basement”. “That must be it!” Tom said, “Annie get the tools I believe we have to break through”. “Sure boss!” she squat down, on top of her giant backpack filled with drills, and nails and basically everything you need to open everything else. “Oh no! I forgot the Wrench, Peter can you get it? I’ll try to build the rest that we need to crack that open” “Can do!” I ran back, the entire hallway swooshed past me as I focused on being as effective as I could. As fast as my feet would take me, I ran. I made the details and ornaments became all fuzzy and blurred around the corners of my eyes. Completely out of breath I came into the main hall. “Now where are you hiding?” I said jokingly and freezed instantly, shivers running down my spine as I heard a dark, dead, burbling voice behind me, saying “Right here.” With a blunt hit to my temple I fell onto the floor, blurring out of this life. How could you do this to me were the last words sliding through my teeth. No power or hate behind those words, just questions.

With a loud ringing Sound ramming in the safe asylum inside my mind they woke me up. “They” I did not refer to them as friends or comrades anymore, they’ve died a long time ago in my mind, many times. But as they woke me up this time I knew I wouldn’t make it out alive. They used me to communicate with the Artifacts, because they touched my mind. I was a tool to them. I cannot remember what has happened before, but I saw the creatures that exist on the other side. They haunt me in my dreams, but it all stops today. They drag me through a hallway, it moves. The tiles they move! They laugh at me, but not for long no. I will win. They drag me through the laboratory, there it is, the knife that will make me free. I grab it, I stick it in his head, the other one turns around, I jump at him, he screams I strangle him with my bare hands. “Look me into the eyes” and as he breathes his life out, his eyes roll back, “May you get to the places you made me see” I say. I look around, I wander through the room. Suddenly there’s a voice coming from behind the scratched, dusty glass. I remember this voice, what does it say? I hear her scream for help, but I don’t understand, what else is there beside of us? I go to the glass and look through. She is standing there frightened pointing at somewhere in the darkness, out of the weak lamps reach. Suddenly a movement, and I see what It is, what jumps onto Annie, what monstrous creature attacks my precious. An indefinable creature with claws and joints on places they shouldn’t be. With three long and bloody tentacles coming out of its back, covered in fresh blood. Black bones standing out of the creatures head. That was before I realized what this creature, in fact was, a human head infected by “them”, infected by the Artifacts. Where’s the exit? How do I get out of here? “FREE ME!” I scream. Suddenly I start running, I remember everything, the hallway, the angels, the ornaments. “YES YES!” I feel the ecstasy rushing through my veins and I can see the door and light that shines out between the scratches. “YES YES!” I run faster and faster. The door is now only a few meters away from me, I jump and my entire weight rams the door. It can’t withstand. I stand up, the dust falls from my shoulders and I look into the light.

“PETER?! PETER are you awake?! Wake up, you have to get up.”….

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