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This story describies my connection wit him

Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011



Have u ever felt like sombody was "there" but not visually there?

Her life so diffrent her world so unqiue

Shes seen heard experianced things nobody else has

at least thats what she thought.

Her pale white skin shinning in the light her jet black

curls such an addition to the speacial girl her smile fading into the

back like mona liasas smile .

Her name Jamie Jenson shes 14 the setting so perfect although

shes not happy her life so difficult with her mother gone

her father abuses her takes her for granted

beats her everyday of her human life

but she has the strentgh to go on.

She moved from place to place now this is her home

the weather so diffrent "cold" and harsh the dirty snow

fills the streets people from all over the world walkthe new yorkstreets

Jamie" Her mother calls out time for school!

HURRY! or ull miss the bus.She why cant i ever have a break!

She rushes down stairs baggy pants n a tank top?

her mother asks blantenly Yes mother this is how i like to dress im comforterbale

Fine but tommorw will be a diffrent story siad her mom

She let out a annoyed sigh BEEP! the bus is outside

she runs out th door love you shouts her mother she gets no response

She walks threw the bus every body stops and startes she hears

some girls whispering in the conner what a freak!

she ignores the side comments and walks to the back of the bus.

Once she arrives room 205 her life upside down forever

His smile so bright she blushes he winks

she thinks to her self omg his hiar his smile whats his name?

suddently the teacher walks in my name is ms.abe welcome

christian will u please show are new student to a seat

delighted to he stands the one who made her heart flutter with joy

his name is christian huh? she thinks

he leads her to the back of the room a seat next to his hi" he added my name is christian whats yours?

Jamie she replyed witha smile on her face.

Thee teacher clears her throat now class todayy we

will take a feild trip to a cemtery to study the lives of the past

due to veterans day.A fei;d trip on the first day?

thats a littile odd she whispers. Now i have asighend parthener for u all

she annoced she began floreinca and celso the giggiled in excitment

next pair is christian and jamie smiles spread accros his freckled face.

After the teacher was done callling the pairs we all lined up with our parthers

and made our way to the bus the ride was long and boring drifting in an out of day dreams

i looked over to my side and found him sleeping he remined me of and angel

so peacful after a while i also amerged into a deep sleep

later we awakened by the sound of awwws" cooming from all around the bus

we both looked at each other confused then we had relived what had happen

we had fallin asleep on each others sholders akwardness spreed between

us we were here the cemtery so old and grey.

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