Easily get helpful feedback from writing and publishing professionals.

Booksie Pro Reviews

Get helpful feedback from writing and publishing professionals

Are you working on a story or poem and wonder how it can be improved? Would you like some helpful feedback on your writing from someone who is an industry professional?

Booksie Pro provides writers of any ability with easy access to industry professionals who will provide feedback at reasonable rates.

With Pro Reviews, your writing will:
  • Be read by writing and publishing professionals.

  • Receive feedback based on what you are looking for - plot, characters, pacing, writing style, etc.

  • Be reviewed in a constructive and courteous manner. Our Pro Reviewers are experts at both providing feedback and motivation.

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Pro Reviewer Jake J. Harrison, author of State of Vengeance

“My goal as a Pro reviewer is to provide the author with valuable feedback that will make their work better. Everyone has the ability to write well if they put in the time. I also like to encourage writers so they can achieve their best.” .

Pro Review Cost: Pro reviews cost $.013 per word. There is a 10% discount for Premium members of the site.

How to receive a Pro Review:
  • 1. Become a member of Booksie.com, if you aren’t already. It’s free to join.

  • 2. Post the writing you would like reviewed to your account. You can decide if you want to keep the writing private or make it public across the site.

  • 3. In your portfolio, click the Get Feedback button in the Pro Review column.

  • 4. Follow the process to confirm the work you would like reviewed, to choose your Pro Reviewer, and make your payment.

  • 5. Once your order has been submitted, it usually takes between 2-10 days for the Pro Reviewer to read your writing and provide feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pro Writing Reviews

Can I choose who will Pro Review my writing?

Yes, Booksie lets you choose which of our listed Pro Reviewers you would like to use. Each Pro Reviewer has a brief biography which explains which genres and types of writing they prefer to review.

Can I keep my work private and receive a Pro Review?

Yes, you do not have to post your writing publicly. You can keep it private so that only you and the Pro Reviewer will have access to it. To do this, choose to keep your writing Private when posting it to the site.

How long does it take to receive my Pro Reviewer after I have submitted the order?

Depending on the Pro Reviewers schedule and the length of your submission, it generally takes between 2-10 days for them to read and provide feedback. It can take longer during certain times of the year.

What type of feedback will I receive from my Pro Reviewer?

Depending on what feedback you request, you may receive some line specific feedback on sentence structure and grammar or more general feedback on plot, how the writing flows, and characters. Many Pro Reviewers ask for general feedback to understand if their writing is resonating with readers. If not, why?

Pro Reviews are not detailed line-by-line edits. They are meant to provide some guidance and overall feedback, with specific examples given via line edits.