150 years ago, Angelina Dioli was cursed as a vampiress, thrust into a life she didn't want or deserve. Drifting from Europe to the United States, she followed bloody wars to sustain her thirst. Her quiet presence can be seen upon each battlefield but goes undetected. Her loneliness and misery deepens as she retreats further into herself, disgusted by her dangerous nature. Living in the 1860s, Captain Dante Rustici carries a dark secret into battle...a haunting sin from his childhood. Upon a Civil War battlefield, death covers him and hope vanishes along with the gunsmoke. Mortally wounded, he prepares to die. Then an angel of the night discovers him. His true adventure begins at last, one which could lead toward either his ultimate death or happy future. His fate lies in the hands of a beautiful, mysterious savior.

About Author

Jessi Brooklyn has three books under her belt and working on a fourth. Namely, The Crimson Dagger(2019), White Fir Lodge: A Holiday Tale(2020) and Cast Out: Redemption(2022). A hopeful, optimistic romantic, she is devoted to writing plots about tribulation, adventure, danger and the overcoming power of love. Inspiration for these epic tales comes from history, traveling, love songs and superhero movies.