White Fir Lodge: A Holiday Tale


by JessiBrooklyn


Seven years ago, Adam Clayton and his two brothers traveled from Ohio and discovered silver outside Carson City, Nevada. With his share, Adam purchased a horse ranch and built White Fir Lodge upon the land. Together with his lovely wife, Victoria, he has built a privileged life for them within the shadow of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. In the fall of 1866, on Thanksgiving, the couple prepares for a festive holiday season. However, family drama and past tragedy conspires to ruin the day. No matter what century, nothing changes. If only the couple could find a moment to share their deep secrets. Will their future look brighter afterward or will their hearts be torn apart by events beyond their control?

About Author

Jessi Brooklyn has three books under her belt and working on a fourth. Namely, The Crimson Dagger(2019), White Fir Lodge: A Holiday Tale(2020) and Cast Out: Redemption(2022). A hopeful, optimistic romantic, she is devoted to writing plots about tribulation, adventure, danger and the overcoming power of love. Inspiration for these epic tales comes from history, traveling, love songs and superhero movies.