Booksie Schools

Energize Your Students to Write and Read

Booksie is a social writing and reading platform on the Internet that is used by millions of people across the world to post their written work. The company has taken this platform and adapted it for classroom use so that teachers can incorporate a social learning experience into their writing and reading lessons.

The Booksie Schools tool is free to use.

Benefits to Teachers

  • Make writing and reading fun.
  • Use the tools that students are comfortable with.
  • Increase classroom collaboration.
  • Use powerful editing tools with easy interfaces.
  • Allow parents to easily see the finished products.

Benefits to Students

  • Make writing and reading fun.
  • Feel the thrill of sharing written work and receiving online feedback.
  • Receive detailed edits from teachers and others.

Get Started

Register below to open your Booksie Teacher account. It will take 5 minutes to open and configure your account.

Pen Name will be used through the site as your identity.

First Name will not be visible on site. Used to validate ownership of content and for offers.

Last Name will not be visible on site. Used to validate ownership of content and for offers.

The video below provides a brief description on how to quickly set-up Booksie for your class.

Class Features:

  • Private: Only students you invite to the class will be able to access it.
  • Customized: The Booksie site will only show work from the class. If students decide to explore and visit other groups, then they will be able to view other content from writers around the world. Booksie is a PG-13 environment.
  • Fast and Easy: Set up your Teacher Account in five minutes. Create a forum topic or homework assignment in seconds. The easy-to-use interface has almost no learning curve.


  • The Booksie High School Essay Contest.
  • Booksie is currently running a High School Student essay contest. When students are done with their writing, or have older writing, they can easily enter it into the contest.
  • Make the contest part of your curriculum to motivate your class to write towards a goal. Ten winners will have their essays published in an ebook anthology distributed via Amazon and other online retailers.