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Finn is a fairy, Atlas is a human, can they make it together?? Read More
This is a story I had to right for history class a bout immigration and what the people went through in the late 1800s, early 1900s. it is about an Irish immigrant and her journey to the US. Read More
This is a compilation of facts, dates, culture, data from research, and names combined with creative writing. This story was written November 19, 2014. Read More
This is a true story, composed from dates, time, culture, names, and documented data. this story was written Aug 25, 2014 Read More
The air was stale and cold, as the snow fell in the night. All was dead in the night. The walls silent. The floors silent. This night wasn’t like any other night from the fearful silence,sept for one fearful screech over and over. Read More
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