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The Booksie Classic House

When Alan gets lost in modern-day Manchester he is shocked to find where he finds himself. Read More
London, England, 1921. Robert Anderson, a mystery novelist, arrives at Edward Hall Mansion, the scene of a murder that happened the previous November. As he attempts to solve the crime, he begins to suspect everyone who lives, and works, there. Read More
New York, 1925. During The Roaring Twenties, nineteen year old Christine Anderson, a lady of wealth, recounts her story while she romances Hugh James, a twenty year old son of wealthy lawyers, in the city that never sleeps. Read More
It's the 20s, one hundred years after The Year Without a Summer. Devils, angels, and humans live not so peacefully in the city of New Olympia. The angels stay cooped up behind their wall in the city center, overlooking all and passing judgement upon the lower sectors of the cites,… Read More
New York, 1924. Twenty-two year old Emily James is a young lady during the Roaring Twenties, New York. When she meets Charles Baxter, a rich man of means, their romance causes a lot of problems. Read More
Part One of the Hazel Williams Trilogy After failing to entice a detective to take her case, Hazel Williams stubbornly disguises herself as a maid and wriggles her way into the underground, mafia-infested speakeasies of 1920's New York City. Trying to find her sister, and thinking Lacy… Read More
The last person Grace needs to fall in love with is a police officer, especially since she breaks the law every day. Running a speakeasy wasn’t her first choice, but making money is. With the price of hooch at an all-time premium, the money is more than enough to… Read More

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March 26, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

A poem about one of the best family members I have ever had. Read More
Set in the aftermath of the golden days, a young woman searches for a job in the big city. Things go seemingly well, until she finds out that she is cast as the understudy. What ever shall she do?... Read More
a young girl has lost her father, but how did the 'accident' happen? Read More
It is 1922. I am the owner of the Diamond Hotel in Brooklyn. This is my story. And the story of Jack Gray. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A Jazz Age tale of love and the quest for home. Read More

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January 14, 2016

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The Romance House

Sometimes all you can do is wait. Healing takes time, right? Would you rather be a prisoner of your own body, or dead? A tale of two legs, and where they're going. ~Inspired by Tarsem's The Fall and my own experiences recovering from back surgery~ Read More
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