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Camp Crystal Lake, 1959. For a long time, the Christy family have run the camp since the nineteen thirties. But, over the decades, there's been a death curse that has plagued to camp. Now, as a darkness comes over the camp, a killer comes back to spread terror while the… Read More
Washington, DC. January, 1950. Mary Shaeffer is a woman who lives in conservative America with her family. When she begins to hear radio broadcasts of the new Communist threat, she finds everyone is paranoid. Consequently, she decides that the country she knew is crumbling before her eyes, leading to massive… Read More
The lives and loves of a group of gay people in New York during the 1950's, that deeply affects the social, economic, and political environment of the era. Read More

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This is a story about Carolyn Spencer and Mary Catherine Jaboe, friends for over 40 years. A portion of the story takes place in the 1950s, and their language and actions are indicative of that period. One of them becomes seriously ill. She is at the point where she can… Read More
Land of the freaks is a piece of historical fiction in where we follow John Dawson a young familly man who believes to have murdered his family. The truth is much stranger. We journey through the 1950's on a voyage into the dark world of the mental health practice. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A collection of songs that resemble 1950s songs but fit the cultural interests of 21st century in the US. Ecolife, envirolife, individualism, isolationism, nihilism and novelty, entertainment, outside of awareness. Read More

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A little girl from southern Indiana in 1950 finds her first pet through a fairly scary adventure. I picked Horror as the genre since the choices were limited but it's not that horrifying; just scary for the little girl. This story is written for young readers. Read More
A short horror story revolving around a small fishing village on the New England coast in the fall of 1951. Set over the course of three days, the people of Abby's Rock have barely a moment to wonder what's happening to their little town. Read More
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