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New York, April 6, 1971. A story about the early nineteen seventies America in which Cassie Lowenstein, a deeply religious woman, explores the city that never sleeps, awakens an inner passion that was deep inside of her, and creates a new life for herself, as she follows her American dream. Read More
New York, March 4, 1972. Homicide Detectives Harold Sharp and his partner, Homicide Detective Carol Parker have had their share of cases that have almost caused them their deaths, but this time they face an enemy who may end their police lives once and for all. The third crime mystery… Read More
Thanksgiving, New York, 1970. As Christmas approaches in the city that never sleeps, Homicide Detectives Harold Sharp, and Carol Parker, prepare for their vacation, a new killer stalks the city with a razor, and begins a new wave of terror that causes mass panic across America. The sequel to "Razor". Read More
New York, 1970. In the city that never sleeps, Homicide Detective Harold Sharp is put on the case of "The Razor Killer", who is attacking couples near Lover's Lane, which is close to Central Park. As the media is put into a frenzy, he and his new female partner Detective… Read More
Louisiana, 1974. Martha Jenkins is a teenage girl who is new to the city. As she struggles to make friends, she finds she's an outsider in the wake of President Nixon's resignation in August, that leads to paranormal events that causes horror to her and everyone who meets her. Read More
It is said that human's fear things they don't understand. Well that isn't the case for Debutante Lincoln. She is all for a change of scenery. The question is will she feel the same once she's in Cera Cole, Oregon. Read More
Texas, 1971. Meredith Chambers is a seventeen year old witch. When she meets Todd Anderson, a warlock, their paths meet under severe stress when dark wizards rule the city. Read More
A collection of ten short horror stories set in the 1970's America with the theme of haunted dolls. Read More
Martha Sole is a teenage girl who sees things. When a series of murders in an asylum in London, England, occur, she and her sister Elizabeth Sole, struggle to survive the insanity in the early nineteen seventies. Read More
A summer to remember when a group of school kids spent ten weeks in Mexico on their own. Read More
A tale of lost time and loss. Read More

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When neo-Nazis decide to march on Skokie, the Chicago suburb in which Wood Lloyd works, he is mildly intrigued. But, working two jobs to support his ex-junkie, ex-prostitute girlfriend while she writes her dissertation doesn't leave much time or energy for politics. Still, when his girlfriend insists that he… Read More

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Four streetwise Caribbean-American teens from Brooklyn seek fame and fortune in the gritty 1970's music scene. The band makes questionable decisions while riding the roller coaster of burgeoning fame. They struggle with finding that secluded path to certain stardom and million dollar success. Eventually, the… Read More
A look back on this author's 10th year. Read More
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