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May you endure everyday the true moment of this extraordinary life. :) Read More

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why would someone write so much... why would i like this silence? Read More

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When I note this definition how an ordinary person views the commandments of history, I feel obliged to express my thoughts on it. Please do review everything so far. Read More

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Silently a heart simply observes blindness and wake up for a request unseen. Genuinely it will be for good unless a heartbeat shall never judge itself. Let this keep you wakeful everywhere. Read More

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Fall upon us a day we cannot reject this prayer. May be there is a giving so loved why their love lived beyond our destiny. I find God Almighty watching how we give courage for sustaining our Living Earth with all its awesome gifts. May be my weakness rinse a… Read More

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This spring time give us the hope still hopeful to do our best for the living Earth. Thanks. Read More

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I hope you will find something new in these writings. Thanks. Read More

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Where a scholar searches to redefine as a good human by birth is reflected in this true reading how I will be grateful for this awakening. Thanking the living Earth for our most likely gift for my entire lifetime I shall honor this kindness for our loved family. +Amen+ Read More
We are all kings in our daily notes. When we make this contribution for the greatest interest our lifetime humbly wishes, may you never forget, why you are here makes the difference for our common home so awesome blessed? Let us make this complete in my lifetime. :) Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

It is time the best in us needs awareness for the future today. May be the time is 2042 AD. Hopefully it is going to be set right in the human hand I leave all their choices without vulnerabilities. Let our living law accept this challenge. Thanks for all contributors.… Read More
Suggesting something worth again. :) Read More

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Poem / Memoir

February 17, 2020

I have tried to give a heart that cares friendship, a novel understanding of myself, a good compilation what is best for our emergence in a new world. Here I have focused about the one in hope that will bestow on us what we are. Let my simple know how… Read More
How will you compile this milestone you take as a history unfinished in a human story? + Read More

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Let us give a helping hand and care to address our problems before it became the real problem we face. An early awareness is the purpose behind this epic. + Read More
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