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A 36 year-old murder case is resurrected by DNA. Two ex-jurors pursue fleeting images and fading memories to understand the reason for the murder and to prove that the man on trial is not the real killer. Read More
DNA resurrects a 36 year-old murder case. A jury trial is set for David Sanderson. When two jurors are bounced from the jury, they dive into the past in search of fading memories, fleeting scenes----and the real murderer. Read More
Thirty-six years ago, a young woman was savagely beaten to death. Her killer was never found. Now, with DNA e evidence, David Sanderson is charged. However, two men removed from Sanderson's jury, are convinced that Sanderson is innocent. They dive back through three and a half decades, to test fading… Read More
Three and a half decades ago, someone got away with murder. However, DNA resurrects the cold case, sending two ex-jurors of the present trial, plunging back into the deep, dark past to capture new evidence, new testimony, and the real killer. Read More
A thirty-six year-old murder case is resurrected by DNA testing. David Sanderson is charged, but two jurors who are removed from his jury conduct their own investigation, believing that the real killer remains in the shadows of forgotten memories and dark souls, mired in the fog of life in the… Read More
Murder comes rising out of the past. A brutal killing of a young woman 36 years ago is resurrected by DNA. After being removed as jurors in the jury trial of David Sanderson, Allan and and Peter become Holmes and Doctor Watson as they chase the fleeting memories and fading… Read More
A 36 year-old murder case is resurrected by DNA. Two ex-jurors continue the search for the truth of what happened decades ago. They find surprises, contradictions, mysteries, and a killer. Read More
36 years after the murder of Jemma Jefferson, there is the sense of an ending to the mystery of who killed Jemma. However, all the guilt, passions, lies, and secrets continue to curse almost everyone connected with the tragedy. Read More
A thirty-six year old murder case is revived by DNA. Diving into the past, Allan Hamilton and Doctor Peter Davies uncover old secrets, burning passions, and a murderer. Read More
A 36 year-old murder case is resurrected by DNA; along with all the passions and hatreds, loves and losses from decades past. Two ex-jurors determine to find the real killer as they supply the Public Defender with their latest discoveries. Read More
A cold 36 year-old case heats up when DNA resurrects all the evil and passions that culminated in the bludgeoning of a young woman. Read More
A 36 year-old murder case is resurrected with DNA. The jury trial resurrects a shocking past, peopled by the guilty, the innocent---and the real murderer. Read More
A 36 year-old cold murder case is resurrected by DNA, along with all the places and people surrounding the killing. Two ex-jurors play Holmes and Watson to pursue and capture the killer---and any accomplices. Read More
A 36 year-old murder case is revived by DNA. Allan Hamilton is an ex-homicide chief and also a juror in the trial of David Sanderson. As the evidence begins to unfold, people and circumstances come looming 'out of the past'. Allan realizes that he was in the area of the… Read More
Two jurors are kicked off the jury because they were around the scene of a murder that happened 36 years ago. DNA evidence has revived the cold case. The two jurors, for many reasons, need to find the real killer in a hurry or risk imprisonment themselves. Read More
A 36 year old cold murder case is revived by DNA testing. Two of the original jury are bounced once they are identified as being in the area of the crime. However, one is an ex-Chief of Homicide turned PI and he and his other 'bounced' jury member team up… Read More
Mr. Sanderson is now on trial for a murder that occurred 36 years ago because of his DNA. However, Juror Number One, Allan Hamilton, ex-Chief of Homicide, believes the secret of the killing lies buried in the past along with the identity of the real killer. Read More
A very cold, thirty-six years, murder case is reopened with DNA evidence. However, two of the jurors are convinced that the killer is still out there and when they are removed from their jury service, they dive into the murk of thirty-six years past where they find confusion and some… Read More
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